The “Cuban” would surpass the “pop star” with great style in a photograph

Livia brito splurge style like Belinda by showing off from the closet and everything was recorded in a video that he shared on his Instagram stories.

The actress, Livia brito, appeared in one of the most recent recordings in which he wore his complete silhouette from the closet with a very casual outfit with which he was about to enjoy a relaxed moment.

The interpreter of The soulless she chose to wear cargo style pants and a white top with which she exposed the marked area of ​​her abdomen and waist, the beauty “Cuban actress“It would overshadow Belinda herself.

Livia Brito applies a Belinda, exudes style in the closet. Photo: Instagram Capture

Livia brito, who will interpret the role of “Fernanda Linares “, Produced by “The soulless“, shared the recording in which a theme is heard in the background and with a text box in which the message is read:” I’m ready !! Let’s go”.

The remembered protagonist in two seasons of “The Pilot “ (2017-2018),shared with her 6.6 million aliens, as she calls her fan club and with whom she showed how much she can stand out with so little.

The popular “Tik Toker“She complemented her outfit with a pair of white tennis shoes which made her look lighter and with a more everyday look without losing her style.

The pretty TV actress would consolidate his career with titles such as “Abismo de pas! ón”, “I love you, I love you”, “Italian girl is coming to get married”, “Doctors: Line of life”, among others, in which he participated prior to his The most recent return to the screens in melodrama was taken down by producer José Alberto “El Güero” Castro.

The originally from Ciégo de Ávila, Livia Brito Pestana, captured a selfie from her closet from which “Livi” is seen with glasses, moments before leaving home, as she said.

For her part, Belinda, has shown in some of her Instagram stories some of the moments in which she decides to relax and wear more home clothes that allow her to be comfortable.

“Beli”, has on more than one occasion left the glamor of her outfits that have made her a “fashion Icon” beyond her own career in music and television.

Likewise, she has also appeared with some of these relaxed looks in some of the snapshots with Christian Nodal, currently her fiancé.

However, both the works actress and The postman and films such as “La Dictadura Perfecta” as the interpreter of La Niña de la Escuela “have managed to capture the gazes of their loyal followers in each of their appearances.

For his part, Brito Pestana, remembered for collaborating in the conduction of “Dancing for a Dream“, she remains fully fitness and has shared various tips to achieve it, in addition to promoting some of the products to achieve faster results, girdles, pills and many of her routines that have rendered her a spectacular silhouette.

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The “Cuban” would surpass the “pop star” with great style in a photograph