The “cubana” makes the most of her beauty from a garden

Livia brito wove dreams to appear in a flirty white look with which the “Cuban” appears in a photograph that circulates from the Instagram platform.

The “actress“, Livia brito, again caused a stir in a photograph in which he wore a woven white suit in which he not only wasted beauty but also caused various reactions among users of a fan page.

Livia brito It appears on a postcard in one of the accounts that circulates in the famous social network of photographs that perfectly describes the interpreter of The soulless.

Bonita @ liviabritopes is read in the text that accompanies the snapshot.


Livia Brito wows in white knit outfit on Instagram. Photo: Instagram Capture

Bella beautiful friend kisses, Waoooo what beauty, read in the comments dedicated to the interpreter of “Fernanda Linares”.

With her hair loose and surrounded by the rays of the sun, the “TV actress“, originally from Ciégo de Ávila, posed outside with a garment that most highlighted her qualities, as well as inspiring her” aLIVIAnados “

The “Tik Toker“A 35-year-old who resumed his acting career by starring in José Alberto’s production” El Güero “Castro, a plot inspired by the Colombian soap opera,” La Dama de Troya “, won several hearts in between.

Livia Brito Pestana, who apparently would see her career collapse due to a strong controversy after being captured by a photographer on the beaches of Quintana Roo, was once again a success in one of the Televisa productions with high audience levels.

The interpreter of “Fernanda sandoval“, the role with which she debuted in Mexico in 2010, added 40 likes in the publication in which her followers fell in love with her beauty.

In this first snapshot, the “model“she reiterated once again because she has been chosen over and over again as one of the faces that have shaped various projects on Televisa.

There is not a day that Livia Brito Pestana does not make everyone fall in love with her particular features, and her sophisticated way of wearing each garment or outfit, this time a white bathing suit, made her star in a flirty postcard.

She also interpreted remembered characters such as “Yolanda Cadena” in two seasons of the novel series, “La Piloto”, and other melodramas such as “Abismo de pas! Ón”, Italian girl comes to marry “,” I love you I love you “,” Triumph of love “and many more, has shown that it can dominate any trend and color.

During the summer season, it has been light colors such as white or bronze, even olive green or platinum colors that the actress in works such as “El Postero” or films such as “La Dictadura Perfecta”, has become her main allies of fashion.

Even the well-remembered presenter of “Dancing for a dream”, Livia Brito Pestana, has also pleased her followers by showing herself in lace interiors, which has left several fans with her popular charm.

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The “cubana” makes the most of her beauty from a garden