The curious strategy that Paul Stanley used to become the host of “Hoy”

The host remembered how he got to the show "Today" with only 22 years (Photo: Instagram / @ paulstanleyd)
The host recalled how he came to the program “Hoy” with only 22 years (Photo: Instagram / @ paulstanleyd)

Paul stanley has been part of the program Today for seven years, but before he could become the morning host, he had his losing streaks, despite his on-screen success.

The program Today It is the morning stellar of Televisa For more than 20 years, being one of the most important programs of the Azcárraga television station, that is why the selection of its hosts has always been strict, since they must be artists who manage to continue with the necessary format for the magazine.

One of its star drivers is Paul stanley, who was part of Today in stage 8 of the program, from 2012 to 2014, then he was reinstated in 2017 and will remain there until even next year. However, before finding his place on Mexican television, he was unemployed for several months.

Paul revealed on this week’s episode of Members on Air that, despite the fame he has had just for being the son of the deceased Paco Stanley, that it has not secured him a steady job in entertainment.

His career in the medium began as a youth actor, which is why he managed to be a promise in acting, even in 2011 he was awarded the award to Best Male Revelation in the soap opera I am your owner and in 2015 he was nominated for Best Young Actor for Love neighborhood.

Stanley had to go through long months without a job before becoming part of the program. "Today" (Photo: @ programa_hoy / instagram)
Stanley had to go through long months without work before becoming part of the “Hoy” program (Photo: @ programa_hoy / instagram)

However, the awards were not synonymous with calls for job offers and he became unemployed when he was only 22 years old.

I had like six, seven months without a job. You know, you search and nothing and nothing. I had just taken my award TV and novels, super excited, ‘from here to Hollywood’“Recalled the actor.

The other drivers recognized that winning a trophy, on some occasions, is rather synonymous with having a fall in his careerSince from that moment on they have to look for new opportunities and on many occasions they ambition to obtain a better proposal than the ones they have had, but they never arrive.

“And pretend that one day I wake up and see that they are inviting kids to Today, as they were casting. There were several, he was 22 (years old). Then I upload to Carmen (Armendariz, the producer at that time) a tweet: ‘@ CarmenArmendáriz, one day I’m going to host @ProgramaHoy, although today just drive my carSo it will be, ‘”Stanley said.

Stanley today is also part of "Members on Air" and several comedy shows (Photo: Instagram / @programahoy)
Stanley today is also part of “Members to the Air” and several comedy programs (Photo: Instagram / @programahoy)

His message would have attracted so much the attention of the producer for his creativity, that he decided to reply that he liked his tweet, so called him to do his casting and managed to stay in the program since then.

Jorge “The Donkey” Van Rankin He also shared how he came as a driver to Today. His story is different, because he had a reputation for being part of programs where he should not worry about following a family line, so he had to start by changing his image.

Van Rankin recalled that, on the advice of Raul Araiza, tried to change the perception other people had of him, and only succeeded behaving like a good father in front of the producer. He assured that being accepted as the presenter of the morning has been one of the happiest moments for him, since he had long sought that opportunity.

Nevertheless, Donkey left the program after eight years, although he said that he will always be grateful to have been part of the cast of conductors.


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The curious strategy that Paul Stanley used to become the host of “Hoy”