The daughter of Facundo Arana and María Susini debuted as a model: “It’s so nice to see you”

María Susini and Facundo Arana (Verónica Guerman / Teleshow)

With a low profile, Facundo Arana and Maria Susini they build their love story day by day and steadily. The actor and the model have been together since 2007 and the family immediately began to grow. The following year India was born and in 2009 the twins Yaco and León Moro. Together they are happy and they tell their followers on social networks, far from scandals and close to those beautiful moments that they keep for memories.

On this occasion, they are joined by a beautiful news that involves their daughter India. The 13-year-old teenager took her first steps as a model and María shared the production with a meaningful posting on her Instagram account, in which she showed her pride as a mother and as a professional, and was full of praise for her daughter

It’s so nice to see you in productions, you do it so professional, you enjoy it and you work as a team“Wrote the host on her Instagram profile, accompanied by emojis of hearts, dog tracks and a rainbow. “Congratulations for such a beautiful place and for the clothes,” closed María, proud to see that her daughter, at least for the moment, is following in her footsteps. It should be remembered that María’s beginnings in the middle were as a model, then she went through driving where she was for five years on the sports channel Fox Sports, until she chose to move away from the entertainment world.

María Susini, Facundo Arana and their children India, Yaco and León Moro (Instagram)
María Susini, Facundo Arana and their children India, Yaco and León Moro (Instagram)

For his part, Facundo did not publish anything on his social networks, although he did leave his love in his wife’s post. He did it with a comment in the shape of hearts and a flame of fire, which turned out to be much more than a thousand words for the protagonist of Small victories.

Months ago, in a radio interview, the actor had revealed a nice detail that involves India and the reason for choosing her name. “Every time China Zorrilla saw me, she said to me: ‘When is that Indian woman going to be born?’ And he said it before he knew that it was a woman who was on the way. If it weren’t that we are talking about China, I would be surprised, but it had that crazy magic “, he remembered.

Marini Susini's post and Facundo Arana's comment on the debut of his daughter India (Instagram)
Marini Susini’s post and Facundo Arana’s comment on the debut of his daughter India (Instagram)

In the same talk, the protagonist of Angry doll He referred to the future of his three children: “We raise them so that whatever they do, they have to do it on the right track and with a smile on their face and we are going to support them with all our enthusiasm. Today we can give the best possible training so that they face what they like the most, but their lives are theirs ”, he argued. From what can be seen in the happiness on the adolescent’s face and in the pride and emotion transmitted by her parents, everything seems to be going smoothly.

A few weeks ago, the family traveled to the Iguazu Falls to enjoy the imposing Mesopotamian landscape. There, the actor not only reconnected with his remembered role in Yago, dark passion. In addition, he celebrated the pre-fulfills of her twin children who were born on October 19, with a funny dedication among the torrents of water: “One of the most impressive places on Earth! Happy pre-fulfills Puppies! How many liters of water per second fall out there? I laughed, but couldn’t answer. My chest swelled when as I passed by I heard a gringo say: “So much better than Niagara Falls” … I don’t know them but I’m going to believe, “he finished with a laugh.


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The daughter of Facundo Arana and María Susini debuted as a model: “It’s so nice to see you”