The day a drug trafficker made Joaquín Cosío’s legs tremble

Joaquín Cosío. (Photo by Carlos Tischler/Getty Images)

Joaquin Cosio. (Photo by Carlos Tischler/Getty Images)

MEXICO CITY, February 14 (EL UNIVERSAL).- Actor Joaquín Cosío has gained fame for being a man of strong character after during his career, and due to his physical characteristics, he has repeatedly played rough roles or Mexican drug lords. like the famous “Cochiloco” in the movie “Hell”, from 2010.

However, he assures that he has always been a noble person and that even in his childhood he was a very tender and spoiled child by his aunts, who took care of him after his parents died. However, due to the image he has created from his work, he has had to face real drug traffickers who approach him several times.

“They have sent me tequilas,” said Cosío in an interview for Yordi Rosado’s YouTube channel.

Together with the Mexican director Luis Estrada, on some occasion he met members of organized crime in a restaurant, who wanted to live with them thinking that the actor’s performances naturally crossed the screen.

“The bottles arrived and you turn around and you know… if they look like they are.”

During his childhood he lived in different border cities, so it is common for him to visit places like Ciudad Juárez and Mexicali, where some of the most dangerous cartels are located. It was precisely in the first place where she lived one of the most difficult experiences in front of a person who appeared to be very dangerous.

“A man I won’t forget, a very well-dressed, very elegant blond, comes up to me and says: ‘quiúbole’, at that time I hadn’t even made movies, he was wearing a black beard and grabbed me by the hand and He tells me ‘what happened, how are you doing?’ and he wouldn’t let go of me, then he went to the bar and came back: ‘what happened, I’m back, here I am,'” recalled Joaquín.

“By the third or fourth time I was already dying, trembling and here it came again, I told the friend I was with to leave and he told me (the blond man): ‘be careful when you cross the door,'” said the actor “It’s the only time I checked that your knees do shake,” he said.

Joaquín Cosío. (Photo by JB Lacroix/WireImage)

Joaquin Cosio. (Photo by JB Lacroix/WireImage)

Since 2018, he has given life to the well-known drug trafficker Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo, better known as “Don Neto”, in the series “Narcos”, but far from what he plays on the screen, he assures that he has always been away from drugs, that he even they have thrown in the bathroom when they confuse it or take it for granted that it is related to this criminal world.

Although these characters have given him fame, they have also forced him to escape from certain places to avoid having relationships with a dangerous person, but the Mexican actor assures that he has also enjoyed playing these roles that even amuses him.

“My friends and I were in a bar called ‘The 15 Letters’ and some half-drunk youngsters came up to me and I said ‘what happened’… it’s the most chilling phrase I’ve ever been told: ‘ we are the real ones'”, recalled the actor, who immediately after this provocation left the place.


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The day a drug trafficker made Joaquín Cosío’s legs tremble