The day a Mexican actor killed an extra with a gun on the set

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A few hours ago it transpired that american actor Alec baldwin fired a prop gun while filming Rust on the recording set in New Mexico. The unfortunate act ended the life of Halyna hutchins, cinematographer, and a wounded man.

So far, the investigation is still in progress, but the event has already gone around the world. For that reason, some social media users recalled a tragic event that occurred in Mexico almost 20 years ago where the actor in question was accused of wrongful death after shooting with a weapon supposedly without bullets, at one of his companions.

The mishap dates back to August 2003 when the movie production Juana La Alacrana He was recording in a hotel located in Cuernavaca, Morelos. Among the actors who participated in the unfortunate scene of the film was Flavio Peniche, younger brother of Arturo Peniche, and Antonio Velasco Gutierrez.

(Capture: @ andresolastorox / twitter)
(Capture: @ andresolastorox / twitter)

The scene consisted in that the character played by Peniche had to enter the surroundings and stand at the edge of the pool that was in the center. There he had the instruction to shoot the character of Antonio Velasco, a fact that he carried out as part of the performance.

However, instead of a stope or an element that simulated the shot, the weapon contained the bullet that hours later ended the life of the extra. Due to the situation, the actor faced justice arguing that it was an accident in which his partner unfortunately lost his life.

I feel that this was an accident for all of us who were there. It was a blunt, it was not a blunt, it was a bullet, it was not a bullet, this was an accident ”, declared at the time Flavio Peniche before the cameras of Aztec tv.


According to his story, it was not the only shot he fired for the scene, as the story indicated that he had to enter the place and shoot against the characters that were inside. It is unknown if the other shots carried a false charge, since the only one affected was Antonio Velasco.

“We did two takes, one that was repeated where I bring a long gun that gets stuck (…) and they decide to change our weapons and redo the scene. Since I entered the hotel I was crossing the middle of the grass, between the pool and everything. So I would shoot a person upstairs and others who were sitting on the left side, ”he continued.

Because everything was recorded and that at all times Flavio Peniche cooperated with the police is that days later he was accused of reckless homicide with a sentence of 14 years, but after paying compensation to the relatives and their respective bail, the authorities allowed him to continue his sentence outside of jail.

(Photo: @ flaviopenicheactor / instagram)
(Photo: @ flaviopenicheactor / instagram)

Due to this, Arturo Peniche’s brother had to go weekly to the prison to sign his conditional release ending in October 2017. Flavio was the only person responsible for paying for his actions, since the producer Eduardo Martínez and the utility Benjamin “El Púas” they did not appear before the authority.

In an interview for the show Lives to the limitThe actor of God bless you, my son, commented that he never denied the guilt he had in the act, because at the end of it all it was he who fired the gun. However, he found that there were several inconsistencies in the case from the production staff themselves.

You learn to live with it. My therapy or pray and relax because it does stir and it does move. I have to learn to live with it and that is what we are doing”, He recalled to Windowing in 2020.


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The day a Mexican actor killed an extra with a gun on the set