The day Queen Elizabeth II spoke to an intruder from her bed

Queen Elizabeth II at London's Buckingham (Victoria Jones / Pool via REUTERS / Archive)
Queen Elizabeth II at London’s Buckingham (Victoria Jones / Pool via REUTERS / Archive)

The man arrested on Saturday after having infiltrated the grounds of Windsor Castle, the residence of Elizabeth II in west London, with a crossbow. he said in a video that he wanted to “assassinate the queen”the British tabloid The Sun reported on Monday.

Elizabeth II, 95, spent the Christmas holidays at Windsor Castle, outside London, which is now her main residence. On Sunday, the police indicated that the man had been admitted to a psychiatric facility.

The Sun newspaper published images of a video allegedly released on the suspect’s Snapchat account minutes before he entered the compound.

In the footage, the individual is seen wearing a crossbow and wearing a black hooded sweater. Behind a white mask he can be heard saying: “I am sorry for what I have done and what I am going to do. I will try to assassinate Queen Elizabeth. “

Man arrested Saturday after infiltrating Windsor Castle grounds with a crossbow
Man arrested Saturday after infiltrating Windsor Castle grounds with a crossbow

With apparent references to the Star Wars saga, he introduces himself as a Sikh Indian and says he seeks “revenge” for a massacre committed in 1919 by British troops against protesters in India.

Although they did not confirm the authenticity of that recording, London police said that “investigators are evaluating the content of a video.”

Face to face with a stranger in your room

Attempts to enter Windsor or Buckingham Palace, the queen’s habitual residence, located in the heart of London, are not unusual. The most spectacular occurred in July 1982, when a 30-year-old man, Michael Fagan, managed to enter the monarch’s bedroom at 7.15 in the morning while she was sleeping.

Fagan, skipping all the security measures, he sat on the monarch’s bed and chatted for ten minutes with her. As they spoke, the unexpected guest asked Elizabeth II for a cigarette. “I don’t have it here,” Her Majesty told him, “but I can go find it in the next room.” The intruder agreed and the queen took the opportunity to warn her guard, who immediately reduced the man.

Prince Philip of Edinburgh, who slept in another room, remained oblivious to the surprising situation his wife was facing.

Queen Elizabeth II spent the Holidays at Windsor (REUTERS)
Queen Elizabeth II spent the Holidays at Windsor (REUTERS)

According to the biographer Ingrid Seward in her book on the Queen of England, Paul Whybrew, the monarch’s most trusted man, was at the time walking Isabel’s corgis. When he returned, the queen had managed to escape from the bedroom, and “Big Paul” grappled with Fagan until he was reduced to the ground. However, the stranger would later tell that he was very kind to him. “It seems you need a drink “Fagan says Whybrew told him, then poured him a glass of whiskey until the police finally arrived.

The then prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, was “deeply concerned” by the incident, as was her then interior minister, William Whitelaw, head of security for the royal family. Whitelaw had to hastily intervene in the House of Commons to explain such an irruption into the queen’s private life.

Fagan, a painter and decorator, recounted that the incident of the July 9, 1982 was his second attempt to enter the palace; the first happened about a month earlier.

According to an interview he gave to Daily MirrorIn Fagan’s first attempt, he managed to climb up a drain pipe and was seen by a palace employee who alerted security, but when the guards arrived at the scene, he had disappeared.

Fagan reportedly entered the palace through an open window in the roof and spent 30 minutes eating cheddar cheese and crackers and wandering around like a tourist. According to the information published at that time, the alarms were faulty and did not go off.

Michael Fagan, the intruder who gained access to Queen Elizabeth II's bedroom at Buckingham Palace in 1982 (Getty Images)
Michael Fagan, the intruder who gained access to Queen Elizabeth II’s bedroom at Buckingham Palace in 1982 (Getty Images)

Fagan said he walked into the post office where he saw gifts for the newborn Prince William. The intruder reported that he poured himself half a bottle of wine before deciding to leave, and during all this time it went completely unnoticed by security personnel. “I went into Carlos’s room, took the wine off the shelf and drank it. He was a cheap Californian ”, said to The Independent.

Unable to resist the temptation to return to the palace, Fagan tried his luck a second time on July 9, this time by scaling the four-meter-high wall of Buckingham and, again, climbing a sewer pipe. He was hanging around for a while. Then the man entered the queen’s room and opened the curtains to wake her up. He assured that Elizabeth II was “shaking” when she found him by her side. In statements to The Mirror, He said : “I passed her bed and she seemed too small to be the queen. So I walk over and pull the curtain back, just to be sure, and all of a sudden he sat up and said, ‘What are you doing here?’

Some posts at the time claimed that the queen was incredibly calm and continued to talk to him until security officers arrived. However, Fagan denied that version and told The Mirror : No! He passed me and ran out of the room.

Fagan was detained but not charged with trespassing and the charges were eventually dropped when he was admitted to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Now, his crime would be considered criminal. What got him in legal trouble was the fact that on his first visit he stole Prince Charles’s wine.

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The day Queen Elizabeth II spoke to an intruder from her bed