The discreet but difficult love story of Laura Vecino with Rafael Medina: the Duke of Feria left her for Karolina Kurkova, but he repented and returned with her

Laura Neighbor Acha and
Raphael Medinason of
Naty Abascal, are undoubtedly the most elegant and discreet pair of aristocrats on the national scene. The new and updated
fair dukes They starred 12 years ago in one of those weddings that only appear on the pages of the most expensive gossip magazines, thus putting a finishing touch to a courtship as high standing as it is almost invisible.

From the son of Naty Abascal and
Rafael de Medina and Fernandez de Cordoba, the controversial Fair duke of the 70-80s, we have some information thanks to the powerful power of attraction of his parents. We know that
Raphael Medina He studied in Spain until his parents divorced in 1988, at which point his mother tried to protect her children from the curiosity of the press at all costs by sending them to study abroad.

Raphael Medina decided to settle in Spain after decades of training in the United States, time had passed so much that he had become a coveted bachelor in high society. To his undeniable good perch (maternal inheritance) was added his work in private banking and that, so young, he already held two noble titles of rancid ancestry:
Marquis of Villalba and Duke of Feria.

The first news that the young duke was in love with a young woman from Bilbao did not reach the press until 2003. The young woman in question was
Laura Neighbor Achadaughter of the businessman
Ramon Neighbor, and at the time it was even more discreet than it tries to be today. The little that was known about the young woman is that at that time she was going to be an architect, she was considered the beautiful officer of her class and that she had her own «
aristocratic pedigree: the family owned the Palacio del Negralejo (in which Laura would live her marriage proposal and her sister her own wedding) and descended directly from surnames such as the Romanones, the Figueroa and even a lady of the
Queen Maria Christina.

Little by little, and throughout the six years that the courtship of the duke and the future duchess lasted, some details leaked, such as that he studied at the French Lyceum and that he spent time at an Opus school. But somewhere along the way things went wrong and in 2005 the bomb exploded: the Duke of Feria and Grandee of Spain exchanged glances and cuddles with a top model,
Karolina Kurkova.

Be that as it may, the idyll between the two handsome officers of the moment could not be and at the end of that same year Kurkova posed smiling in Cádiz clarifying to the press that she was no longer with the aristocrat who, to make matters worse, had returned with his ex, and who wishes them the best of luck. The Duke of Feria did the same, but from the pages of Hola and proclaiming to everyone who wanted to read it that Laura Vecino was the woman of her life and that one day he would marry her. That’s right, in 2010 they had the wedding that filled 80 magazine pages in which Laura Vecino posed in an impressive Giambattista Vali dress.

Thanks to the wedding we learned that the
duchess of fair He had opted to study design, that he loved fashion and that he had no intention of bragging about it but that was what he was going to dedicate himself to. Two years after the marriage she became pregnant with twins and her hermetic life became even more hermetic. The couple moved from Madrid to Barcelona because of his work at Inditex and we could only see them pose for the press on a few occasions, such as the
Marta Ortega’s wedding.


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To take advantage of your passage through the
New York Parsons School The Duchess began to make her first steps in the world of fashion along with another regular in the world of Spanish high society,
Agnes Domecq. In 2014 they joined forces as stylists and combined those efforts into a company, The Editors, which ended abruptly in 2019, at which point Laura decided to “jump in the pool” and start designing her own swimwear (and what it is better, show them off impressively on your instagram account). In those she continues, designing bathing suits with her name, moving to the city to which her husband is transferred and fighting to fulfill what she promised the first day the paparazzi discovered her: «I am never going to become a character in the heart”.

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The discreet but difficult love story of Laura Vecino with Rafael Medina: the Duke of Feria left her for Karolina Kurkova, but he repented and returned with her