The dispute between Miguel Bosé and Enrique del Pozo for the love of Helmut Berger

In the scandalous memoirs of Miguel Bosé, ‘The son of Captain Thunder’, the singer confesses that the actor Helmut Berger was the first love of his life. However, it was not he but Enrique del Pozo who took his attention. The singer, now a socialite, met the Austrian in the mansion that Miguel Bosé has in Somosaguas, and they slept there twice. But this was not the only boyfriend Del Pozo snatched from Bosé.

After the publication of Captain Thunder’s son, the scandalous memories of Miguel Bosé (65), the benefits and collateral setbacks have not been long in coming. New atmospheric phenomena are lurking. The hurricane Enrique del Pozo (64) has raised the first sexual history of the singer with the actor Helmut berger (77), considered at that time as the most beautiful man in the world. In the Somosaguas mansion, Miguel and his faithful protector, ‘mamma Lucia’, competed for the body of the protagonist of The fall of the gods (1969) who already had a relationship with his director Luchino visconti, Count of Lonate Pozzolo, who was also the discoverer of Lucia when she was 16 years old working in a Milanese pastry shop.

Enrique del Pozo.

What neither of them had was that the Bosé’s ‘enemy’ was inside the mansion. The attractive and very young Enrique del Pozo he conquered Helmut, who did not hesitate to sleep with the artist twice. The Austrian interpreter drank the winds of that boy with whom he made love in the guest bungalow that the Bosé had in Somosaguas. As the interpreter of ‘Bandit Lover’ smelled something, he did not take long to kindly invite him to leave his property. Later, Berger and del Pozo resumed their burning passion in Rome.

But it was not the only stolen love. Bosé had a passion for the actor as well Luis Suarez, protagonist of Reeds and mud (1978) and La Barraca (1979), with whom he had a threesome with Berger in the Madrid house of Flora Carabella, wife of that sacred totem called Marcello mastroianni. “Yes, I must have been 17 or 18 years old,” Enrique responds to the question about his affair with Luis, one of the most handsome men in film and television. “I loved his masculinity, his sympathy, his body and his beauty,” Enrique adds.


Luis Suárez in ‘Cañas y barro’.

Since he began to collaborate in Live life, Enrique del Pozo has been opening up the channel like never before. On the set he gave the exclusive of his relationship with Ruben Sanchez Montesinos (40), the first gay bodybuilding athlete to confess it publicly, and little by little, between spontaneity and gratitude, he has been putting little seeds that are blooming week by week, like the surprise that he will bring us in a few days because he still has a few aces on the sleeve.

He also took Suárez away from Bosé, although he had already fallen in love with Enrique when he took his hand and caressed his leg under the table where they also ate dinner. Massiel (74), the public relations Jean-Louis Mathieu and the son of the bullfighter. At one point, Suarez passed him a note with his phone number.


Miguel Bosé and Enrique del Pozo.

“Yes it’s correct. We went out to smoke and I said, ‘Hey, aren’t you with Miguel?’ And it stopped my feet. He replied: ‘Excuse me, the one that interests me is you, and not just for a fuck. I would like something more serious ”. Enrique was 18 years old and what he wanted was to combine freedom, but not for that reason miss the opportunity to feel desired by that beauty made in Spain with whom he made love again at the Mastroianni house in Madrid whose distinctive feature was the walls completely cast in black. Neither Flora nor Marcello were in the abode. As in some stories, the Italian actor had gone for a coffee. But it came back. And they were not caught red-handed.


Almodóvar, Enrique del Pozo and Miguel Bosé.

Enrique has lived, he has enjoyed, he has enjoyed and, best of all, he has been aware of it. While Helmut and Luis appeased their fervor, Fellini or la Carrà lit the fuse of their creativity. It would not take long for him to trace his own path of golden tiles that led him to the dreamlike universe of Cineccittà that in the fifties turned Rome into ‘Hollywood on the Tiber’. Many friendships were forged, among them, with Ursula Andress (85) and Claudia cardinale (83), with whom he is scheduled to shoot a movie with Jeremy Irons in early 2022.

Enrique lives up to his last name. It has no bottom. Above all, in matters of lovemaking. After what Bibiana Fernandez and the model Thomas of the Saints They left him, he became a partner of the couturier Jesús del Pozo -they are not related- who was in full artistic boom. Suddenly, Tomás, who was called the Spanish Ryan O’Neal because of his honey-colored hair, glazed eyes and unrestrained sex appeal, fell into Enrique’s arms, turned into a kind of Robin Hood of love.

Designer and artist did not speak for years. Jesus had the thorn in the right place. But a chance meeting at an airport forced a reconciliation: “We kissed and hugged.” That story was the talk of the fashion world. And the international soccer player with whom Enrique fell in love until the bar arrived, but that is another story. The well is bottomless and will remain like this in secula seculorum.

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The dispute between Miguel Bosé and Enrique del Pozo for the love of Helmut Berger