The dramatic story of the former member of ‘Yo me llamo’ who was the biological son of singer Oscar Agudelo

One of the most notorious cases of known paternities in ‘Yo me llamo’ had to do with Manuel José Álvarez, the José José impersonator who won the 2012 and 2015 editions and who claimed to be the legitimate son of the now-disappeared Mexican artist; However, that story took a 180 degree turn and now it is the Colombian who must answer for the confirmed paternity – and that he denied until the last moment – of a minor who was born as a result of a temporary relationship with a woman in the middle of a of their presentations.

Now, in the recent edition of the impersonators contest, another similar case became known and it was that of Moisés Ocampo, a contestant who in the first audition He claimed to be the exact double of Oscar Agudelo; However, and despite envisioning voice dyes similar to those of Tolima, he did not advance much in the program, but that did not prevent his story from being known by many people who witnessed the moment when he, after finishing his performance, said to be biological son of the original singer.

It was Ocampo himself who decided, in dialogue with La Red, to tell the story of how his mother came to meet the bolero and the moment when she realized the degree of consanguinity she had with him.

It all started in a bar owned by Agudelo and an invitation was made to his mother and foster father to listen to the duet Ocampo and Oquendo, whose members were friends of the acclaimed singer. It was on that occasion that Moisés’ mother and Oscar met.

At the age of 12, Moisés found out that he was Agudelo’s son, and for about 13 years a curiosity was born to verify the authenticity of those words said by his mother. “A great concern arose in me to know what would happen if I looked for Mr. Oscar Agudelo,” said Ocampo, and in the middle of that search he was able to confirm the degree of consanguinity with the interpreter.

In addition, another episode that marked his life was when he was arrested for having transported drugs.

“At that time some friends came here to the neighborhood, with cars and pretty girls. They made me a proposal to transport drugs and I did it as an idiot (…) because I didn’t lack anything, ”said Moisés, stating that, leaving the city of Florence, he was approached by police officers who, after requisitioning the vehicle , they found the narcotics.

He was imprisoned for three years in the capital of Caquetá and it was there that realized that it was very difficult for his father to recognize a 53-year-old son; However, he did so and finally, the singer of hits such as ‘La cama vacante’ and ‘Todo es amor’ agreed to be Ocampo’s father.

Finally, his taste for music remained, a talent that Moisés knew how to exploit to a great extent during his time at ‘Yo me llamo’ and hopes to continue on that path, following his father’s legacy and continuing to extend the work he has left in his more than 50 years of musical career.


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The dramatic story of the former member of ‘Yo me llamo’ who was the biological son of singer Oscar Agudelo