The dubbing battle and a challenge with two TV greats make the NBL semifinal a unique show

Heading into the grand finale of the season 12 of Nuestra Belleza Latina, the six participants had a full week of work, in which again they had to demonstrate their skill before the television cameras. As already announced, two girls had to say goodbye, making it clear that it has been the public who will decide who will be the next queen and future host of Univision.

Episode 8 of NBL was memorable, with many musical guests: Natti Natasha was in charge of a spectacular opening, Banda MS made us sigh with one of his greatest hits, while Paulina Rubio came to rejoice us with its most recent release. As if that were not enough, the singer Lunay was in charge of closing with a lot of rhythm and rain, a gala full of challenges and emotions on the part of the participants.

Natti Natasha opens the catwalk of the great NBL semifinal in a spectacular way

‘The Queen’s Challenge’ was presented by Clarissa Molina

The dominican Clarissa Molina, who will carry the NBL title In 2016, she went to the big semi-final to present the challenge that the participants would have to play during the semi-final. But, in addition, the girls had to meet one more challenge imposed by the judges.

In the challenge of the judges, the participants came this week to do the Univision Tour to be presenters of some of the most important shows of the chain and had the opportunity to live with the talent that every day faces the Hispanic public.

For the second challenge, one of the most anticipated this season, the six girls prepared to become the most important singers to perform in the battle of dubbing with incredible performances.

One step away from the final, the judges reveal what requirements the next NBL queen must have

JLo, Thalía, Jenni Rivera and Karol G present in the dubbing battle

The first to go on stage for the dubbing challenge was Raishmar Carrillo, who also, during her driving challenge, was in the Primer Impacto studio next to Michelle Galván, to later give way to her number transformed as Jennifer López with her song ‘El Anillo’.

Cuban Fabién Laurencio was in charge of a segment within the Digital Edition of the Univision newscast and already on the catwalk adopted the Gloria Trevi look to imitate her in her interpretation of ‘Todos Me Miran’. By the way, the participant stopped the judges to dance and even took the opportunity to joke a little with the Spanish Jomari Goyso.

Fabién Laurencio becomes Gloria Trevi for the dubbing battle and ‘shakes’ Jomari Goyso

Jaky Magaña went to El Gordo and La Flaca and shared the forum with Raúl de Molina; Together they presented the gossip of the moment and reminded us of his arrival on the first broadcast of this season, when he also presented a news segment of the show. For your second challenge of the night, Jaky donned a large dress to represent Jenni Rivera, dubbing that earned her several compliments from Judge Adal Ramones.

The dominican Génesis Suero was in the show of Enamorándonos and next to Rafa Araneda he conducted the favorite love show. To everyone’s surprise, already in the challenge of the dubbing battle, he was in charge of a song by the singer Beyonce and delighted the judge Giselle Blondet after his participation.

Double congratulations to Genesis on driving Falling in Love and her Beyoncé impression

During the Univision Tour Lupita Valero had to go through Despierta América and on the catwalk she became Thalía, a participation that was highly celebrated by Judge Jomari Goyso because, in his opinion, both the Mexican and the rest of her companions have shown great performance.

Sirey Morán also received good comments after this double challenge of the NBL semifinal, since she was able to be in TUDN, Univision’s sports area, and for the dubbing challenge The Honduran participated with the song ‘La Bichota’ by Karol G, surprising for his performance and ease on stage.

Sirey Morán looks “like a fish in water” conducting sports and “freer” in her dubbing as Karol G

Don Francisco and Charytín, the great stars invited to the NBL semifinal

After the first challenges of the night and announcing the name of the first eliminated of the night, those who won their pass to the grand final had to perform a third challenge and for this they had the special participation of two great figures of the Hispanic television: Don Francisco and Charytín, ‘The Blonde of America’.

“She is not silent”: Charytín highlights the qualities of Lupita Valero that led her to the NBL final

Our two guests gave their opinions on the participation of the finalists and even shared with them some recommendations to improve their performance. Without a doubt, a unique moment that only Nuestra Belleza Latina is capable of making.

Jaky Magaña and Raishmar Carrillo, the two eliminated from the NBL semifinal

As announced, this eighth broadcast of the reality show had two eliminated. Like every night, the mission was led by Alejandra Espinoza. The first name he made known was that of the Mexican Jaky Magaña, whom the popular vote did not favor her and she had to leave the competition.

The public decided that Jaky Magaña was the first eliminated from the NBL semifinal

The second eliminated of the night was Raishmar Carrillo and with sadness he said goodbye to his teammates, but with the pride of having been the first girl to come from a foster home in being in reality. Thus Sirey Morán, Fabién Laurencio, Génesis Suero and Lupita Valero They are the four finalists of NBL and one of them will be the winner of the title.

Remember that you only have 24 hours to vote for your favorite, only the public will decide for whom the NBL crown will be and you can cast your vote through our page or by phone. You choose the new queen and future host of Univision. Find out the result in the grand final next Sunday from 8P / 7C on Univision.

Raishmar Carrillo says goodbye to his dream of being NBL queen by being the second eliminated from the semifinal

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The dubbing battle and a challenge with two TV greats make the NBL semifinal a unique show