The Duchess of Cambridge takes her children to see Jordan, where she spent part of her childhood

It is common for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to choose a photograph of their vacation or family break to celebrate Christmas. In this year’s christmas, the orange color of the rock, as well as the decoration on which they are seated suggest that they are not found in the United Kingdom, not even in Europe. The photo was taken during his last vacation in Jordan, as revealed by the Daily mail, a trip that is a dream come true for Kate Middleton, who maintains important ties with this country in which he lived almost three years in his childhood.

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His father worked for British Airways when he was posted to Amman in 1984. There the Duchess of Cambridge began to go to school, where he had the opportunity to learn Arabic, in addition to creating a great bond with this Middle Eastern country. Prince William recalled his wife’s fondness for the land during his official visit in 2018. At the time, Kate was on maternity leave after giving birth to Louis of Cambridge and deeply regretted not being able to accompany her husband. This is how the Prince put it in his speech in Amman, where he alson expressed the Duchess’s wish to return to her family. A wish that has already come true.

With a big smile and a flattering khaki dress, Kate Middleton is exulting in the image they have shared to congratulate the holidays. There are many memories and, judging by their expression, happy. A former professor of the Duchess told The National some details of his day-to-day in Jordan, such as that there were twelve children in his class and that they read verses from the Koran to learn not only the language but also values ​​such as “respect and love.” She also revealed some curiosities such as that her father used to pick her up with his work uniform when leaving kindergarten. The only image that has transpired from her Jordanian life is a beautiful photograph from when she was a child In which you can see his resemblance to his daughter Charlotte, and in which he appears with his sister Pippa, who was just a baby, and his father in the city of Gerasa, which houses one of the best preserved Roman ruins in the East Medium. That same photo They showed it to Prince William during his trip to the country and did not hesitate to joke. “Michael looks very stylish in his flip flops. We will have to come with the children next time, ”he said then.

As for the family vacation this year in Jordan, it is the first time that any detail of their private getaway has come to light. His next holiday destination is expected to be Sandringham on the occasion of the traditional family reunion that the Queen organizes every Christmas at his Norfolk residence. Last year the pandemic frustrated the plans, but it is very likely that they will resume them, yes, with the absence of the Dukes of Sussex who are not expected to travel to the United Kingdom soon.

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The Duchess of Cambridge takes her children to see Jordan, where she spent part of her childhood