The Dukes of Sussex outline their own agenda ahead of an important week for the royal family

A key date is approaching for the British Royal Family. Next Sunday, the second of November, Elizabeth II is expected to reappear in public after two weeks resting on medical advice. The monarch does not want to miss the Remembrance day, when he pays tribute to the thousands of people who died in world wars and other conflicts with other royals. For the second time in a row, prince harry and meghan markle They will not participate in this official act since they have established their residence in the United States, where they continue with their own schedule of commitments. As it advances The Sun, the youngest son of Prince Charles will travel to New York next week to present five awards to service members, veterans and military families living with “the invisible wounds of war.”

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Next November 10, A day before the signing of the Armistice that ended the First World War, Prince Harry, 37, will participate in the Salute to Freedom gala, which will be set against the backdrop of a warship on the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. During this celebration, the Duke of Sussex will not be able to wear his military uniform as by resigning as a senior member of the British Royal Family lost his military appointments. What you will be able to wear on your dress are your service medals: The Queen’s Golden Jubilee 2002; 2008 Afghanistan Operational Service and 2012 Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

After entering the prestigious Sandhurst Military Academy in 2005 as Wales’ official cadet, Prince Harry became an officer at the House of Cavalry’s Blues and Royals in April 2006. During his decade in the military was stationed twice in Afghanistan and graduated as an Apache helicopter commander. It was precisely the army that gave the son of Princess Diana his first approach to a life away from royalty like the one he has decided to lead now. His military career ended in 2015, but he maintained ties with the military world in various ceremonies.

The invitation that brings Meghan closer to politics

For her part, Meghan Markle, 40, could attend a bipartisan dinner with the 21 US senators next month. As indicated Senator Kirsten Gillibrand at The 19th News, intends to invite Prince Harry’s wife to this traditional evening that Vice President Kamala Harris has retaken and which is held in Washington. In addition, he maintains that one of his companions, Republican Senator Deb Fisher, is delighted with the idea and looking forward to that conversation with the daughter-in-law of the heir to the British throne. Meghan’s first contact with the senators It goes back weeks, when she called some of them on the phone to support paid maternity and paternity leave. This same motive is what led Archie Harrison and Lilibet Diana’s mother to write a letter to the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, and the Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Summer. It is a matter that has generated much controversy by the fact that she uses her title of Duchess of Sussex to make political requests.

This was his first Remembrance Day in the United States

Just twelve months ago, coinciding with Remembrance Day, all eyes were on the Dukes of Sussex as it was the first time that this tribute was celebrated after the Megxit. Prince Harry, according to The Times, asked to be present requesting that a wreath be placed in his name at the cenotaph in London during the commemoration of those who died in combat. His request was denied by Buckingham Palace officials and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex staged their own tribute. With commemorative poppies on their lapels, they went to the Los Angeles National Cemetery, where they placed flowers that Meghan herself cut from the garden of her home in Montecito..

Remembrance Day for me is a time of respect and hope, respect for those who came before us and hope for a safer world. The act of remembering is a profound act of honor. It is the way in which we preserve the legacy of entire generations and show our gratitude for the sacrifices they made so that we can live the life we ​​live today, “explained in a podcast the Queen’s grandson, who ranks sixth in the line of succession to the British throne.

That unexpected appearance by the Sussexes led to speculation about a possible pregnancy for Meghan. Although they did not confirm that they were expecting a new baby until February, coinciding with Valentine’s Day, The images in the cemetery with an incipient tummy that was marked by the belt that her coat wore tight at the waist fueled a rumor that had been circulating for weeks. The origin of the comments was the decision of the former protagonist of Suits to postpone the trial with some British tabloids, dated January 2021, citing confidential reasons.

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The Dukes of Sussex outline their own agenda ahead of an important week for the royal family