The eight celebrities who were ‘canceled’ in 2021

Every day it’s harder to escape from cancellation on the internet. Either by messages written in the past or present with a racist, homophobic tone or any transgressive idea for another group of people or by committing acts considered by some as ‘not very moral’.

And 2021 has not been the exception, since more than one celebrity has been ‘canceled’ by actions or words.

Next we count the celebrities who were boycotted by users from Internet.

Alejandra Azcárate

The host Alejandra Azcárate She was in the eye of the hurricane this year, after her husband Miguel Jaramillo was investigated in the case of a plane carrying cocaine seized in Providencia. This aircraft belonged to a company in which he appeared as a legal representative.

Users in networks not only they criticized and made judgments for alleged links with drug trafficking but for a video that he later published in which he made his reappearance and broke the silence.

More than one user on Twitter assured that Azcárate was already canceled, but others showed their support.

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Some famous people who sent him messages of support they were also canceled by public opinion, albeit briefly. That was the case of Daniel Samper, Paola Jara, Alejandro Riaño and Lina Tejeiro.

The presenter even closed her Twitter account for a time in August. In addition to this, the premiere of the program ‘Who is the mask?’ of ‘RCN’, a reality show in which he is a judge, was delayed for several months.

It was also replaced in the digital format ‘Mano a mano’ by the Norma Nivia model, despite the fact that Azcárate was already included in the project’s progress.

Alejandra Azcárate

Alejandra Azcárate was canceled due to her family’s alleged ties to a ‘narco plane’.


Jaime Moreno. TIME

Lina Tejeiro

The actress, model and also a colleague of Azcárate, with whom they showed mutual support, did not escape the clutches of the culture of cancellation this year either.

TO Tejeiro Not only did they cancel it when he sent a message in which he expressed solidarity with the situation that Azcárate was already going through, but the actress herself was in the eye of the hurricane after the authorities indicated that the “Father of a renowned Colombian actress” he was allegedly linked to a cocaine shipment seized in the port of Buenaventura.

The people we have linked to the investigation do not give us account of the possible participation of a person who is an actress”Said General Alarcón in an interview with ‘Blu Radio’.

For her part, Tejeiro has assured that she has been estranged from her father for years and, therefore, does not even use her last name but that of her mother, Viviana Tejeiro, who affirmed that the information that was disclosed was not true.

Finally, the actress hired Abelardo de la Espriella as a lawyer, who requested rectification from the media and the authorities for staining the name of Lina Tejeiro, since neither she nor her family they were linked to the investigation.

Lina Tejeiro

Finally, Tejeiro and his lawyer requested a retraction due to the rumors of the alleged link with a “narco-plane.”


Instagram: @linatejeiro

Epa Colombia

This was also a busy year for the ‘influencer’ and businesswoman Daneidy Barrera, better known as Epa Colombia.

Not only because of the times he drew attention in networks, but also because of the 63-month prison sentence and the fine of more than 400 million pesos that he received after the legal process against him for the publication of a video in which It is seen destroying Transmilenio stations in 2019.

In short, they were not easy moments for the businesswoman.

Meanwhile, Epa Colombia published on its networks a video in which it is seen next to the former president Álvaro Uribe, something that generated all kinds of reactions among his followers.

Some users took the meeting of the influencer with the former senator badly, and did not hesitate to cancel it and, as she herself said, they insulted her even in the streets.

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Epa Colombia and Uribe

Álvaro Uribe met with Epa Colombia in a curious video.


Instagram: @epa_Colombia

J Balvin

The paisa singer was also canceled more than once this year.

First, he received criticism for not having spoken at first before the national strike on April 28, given the international influence of the artist.

Later made his position public through a video, and was labeled as ‘lukewarm’ by Internet users, rejecting both the vandalism and the tax reform.

Another controversy arose after Balvin affirmed on his social networks that the 2021 Latin Grammy Awards “did not value” reggaeton as a musical genre. Several urban artists, such as Residente, gave their opinion on the matter and expressed their disagreement.

He also had to download the video of his song ‘Perra’ from YouTube because it was considered by Internet users as ‘sexist’ and ‘racist’.

In recent days, the singer has also received a shower of criticism after being chosen as ‘Afro-Latin Artist of the Year’ at the US African Entertainment Awards.

And although the criticism has not stopped, many related to the fact that Balvin is not Afro and with his video for ‘Perra’, the artist thanked the recognition on his social networks: “I am not Afro-Latino, but thank you for giving me a place in contributing to Afrobeat music and its movement”.

J Balvin

Singer J Balvin was perhaps one of the most canceled figures this year.

Chris pratt

Looking abroad, celebrities who are world famous are not spared from ‘hate’ on the networks.

That is the case of the American actor Chris pratt, known for his roles in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and ‘Jurassic world: Jurassic world’, who throughout his career has been canceled on more than one occasion.

On November 2, the actor dedicated a message on Instagram to his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger and their daughter Lyla. And although the message appeared to have no malicious intent, users questioned the words that Pratt used.

We met at church. She has given me an incredible life, a beautiful and healthy daughter, she chews so hard that sometimes I put on my headphones to not listen. But it’s love! She helps me with everything. In return, I usually open a jar of pickles. That is the deal”He wrote in the description of a photo with his wife.

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Netizens pointed to the words “beautiful and healthy” and took them as a way of belittle your child Major Jack, the result of the relationship he had with his previous partner Anna Faris.

Little Jack, who was born prematurely, had a severe brain hemorrhage and has had some health difficulties growing up, according to Faris in his biographical book ‘Unqualified’.

Chris ptratt

They asked to ‘cancel’ Pratt for the comments towards his children.


Ettiene Laurent. EFE

Justin timberlake

This year the subject of Britney Spears and the legal issues she had with her father was taken up.

The broadcast of the documentary ‘Framing Britney Spears’ generated criticism of the singer about how did he behave during and after the relationship with the pop princess.

He also received criticism from netizens, who accused him of using the video of ‘Cry me a river’ to refer to the break with the singer and his alleged infidelity.

Remember that the two were a couple between 1999 and 2002.

In response, Timberlake spoke on his Instagram account: “I want to specifically apologize to Britney Spears and Janet Jackson, each one of them in particular, because I care about these women and respect them. I know i failed“, wrote.

Justin timberlake

Justin Timberlake was in a relationship with Britney Spears between 1999 and 2002.

JK Rowling

The author of the ‘Harry Potter’ saga also received a lot of ‘hate’ this year, although it is not the first time that the writer has been canceled in networks.

She has been criticized on more than one occasion for her opposition to trans fundamentalism and for defending the difference between the sexes.

This year he spoke out on Twitter in favor of a woman who used to share thoughtful comments as transphobic. As a result, the writer has received as much hatred as possible and even threats at her home.

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I have received so many threats that I could wallpaper my house with them but I am not going to stop talking. Perhaps the best way to show that the movement is not against women is to stop harassing and threatening us”, Said the author in an interview.

Her controversy in networks has caused that, according to various media, the writer has not been invited to the reunion for the 20-year anniversary of the ‘Harry Potter’ film saga.

JK Rowling

JK Rowling has been accused of transphobia on more than one occasion.

Ellen Degeneres

The presenter Ellen DeGeneres officially canceled her program in May of this year and assured that the 19th edition of this will be the last and will premiere in 2022.

The presenter had been singled out for her behaviors on the recording set: it was said that she was a despot with her workers and an accomplice of a work environment toxic and discriminatory.

Users took the statements of her co-workers very seriously and did not hesitate to cancel her and her program, whose popularity had been declining since 2020.

For her part, the presenter assured that none of the accusations were true and that she ended her show because she had tired of doing the popular program and because the interviews that no longer represented a challenge for her.

Ellen Degeneres

Comedian and host Ellen Degeneres canceled her show after two decades on the air.

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The eight celebrities who were ‘canceled’ in 2021