The essential toy of the children of the famous: miniature mansions

The most exaggerated children's toys of the famous.

The most exaggerated children’s toys of the famous.


Looking for inspiration to surprise the little ones in the house this Christmas?

As parents, everyone tries their best when it comes to buy toys for your children, even if they want to give them the world.

They try to find what fits their budgets, what will enrich their lives, and what will not end up turning them into spoiled children. However, this means something very different to other people.

Celebrities can always be trusted to find the most quirky and original ideas., although they are not exactly within reach of all pockets.

We’ve noticed this in brief glimpses during reality shows and in much more detail in the various social media posts that some Kardashian-Jenner moms share on their children’s birthdays. From life-size trolls to custom kids’ cars to playhouses that look bigger than many apartments.

Scott disick He was one of the first to show the one he had built for the three children he has with his ex, Kourtney kardashian, and that even appeared in the prestigious magazine of decoration and architecture Architectural Digest.

In his case, it was based on a home he had seen while on vacation in Mexico and ended up spending $ 100,000 to create a space in which technological devices are not allowed.

His sister in law Kylie jenner it was not long before he copied the idea and commissioned a two-story house for her daughter Stormi identical to another that she herself had had as a child.

When the celebrity first showed it to the girl on Christmas 2019, he told her that he had prepared a surprise for her and she immediately asked if it was a Birkin bag. Although Stormi missed, she was still very excited to explore the ‘mini mansion’, which has air conditioning and a terrace.

The driver’s daughter Adamari Lopez too He has a very similar playhouse in his garden, which is decorated in pastel colors and has electrical installation. In addition, it is built on a scale suitable for adults as well and your famous mother can move around it without stooping.

The actress drew Barrymore She also signed up for this fashion, but she opted more for a kind of open-air castle, with slides, swings and a bridge, designed for your daughters to exercise.

And, of course, there are those who have simply dedicated themselves to fulfilling a childhood dream using their children as an excuse; in fact, the firstborn of Ximena Duque thought his brand new playhouse It was her family’s new home when she first saw it, because her mother had spared no expense in making her vision come true.

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The essential toy of the children of the famous: miniature mansions