The ex-husband of Tania Báez and his link with the relatives of the communicator

Although there were rumors, it was this Sunday when through their social networks the communicator Y speaker, Tania baez, confirmed that he divorced Francisco Jiménez three months ago.

“For some time, through these platforms, they have asked me insistently about my relationship as a couple and to close the assumptions, I share that 7 months ago we made the decision to separate and 3 months ago we signed the divorce“, said the also actress without labeling her ex-partner.

After this information, many Internet users wondered who is the man who conquered the heart of the veteran communicator.

According to his Instagram profile where he has not stopped sharing images with the descendants of the communicator, Francisco Jiménez defines himself as an entrepreneur. Systems Engineering graduate, technology consultant, brand ambassador, lover of martial arts, cigarettes “and everything that makes me happy.”

Several days ago he reported that he is positive for COVID-19 and that he misses the grandchildren and other relatives of the communicator. “How I miss them … waiting for the COVID to be removed so that I can see them and squeeze them … I love them and God bless me,” he wrote together in a TBT where he is seen with Báez’s son-in-law and grandchildren.

Your New Years Reflection

In a post, where he analyzed last year, the athlete described it as an “important year in my life, a year in which everything that happened was a lesson … good or bad is learned … that experiences are better than material things … that sensations are what push us, teach us … that fears are in the mind and that when they come to reality, we realize that they are not just more than a new teaching “.

He also said “that only knowing the bottom is what teaches us how much depth we can bear, that people come and go, but the heart is who knows to whom it gives and to whom it takes … well … I bless all those who in a way or others are in my life and those who are not “.

Tania baez and Francisco Jiménez got married in 2012. La communicator She had since February 10 of last year that she did not post photos with her husband, while Francis shared the last capture on January 1, 2021.

In 2017, Jiménez declared his love for Tania on the 12th anniversary of their marriage. With words of gratitude and affection, he expressed himself towards the communicator at the Pavel Núñez concert, celebrated on the day of love and friendship.

In a video posted on Tania’s instagram, they were seen both sitting as part of the audience of the show, when Francisco told all those present to his wife: “My sadness, my tears, my successes, everything. It only occurred to me to tell you in this stage (stage) that you are the most important thing for me… Thank you for your company in these 12 Valentine’s Day, I hope in my old age to be able to celebrate them like this, saying thank you for loving me and letting love you, yours ”.

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Tania Báez and Francisco Jiménez (Instagram)

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The ex-husband of Tania Báez and his link with the relatives of the communicator