The exodus on YouTube: the most famous streamers go to Twitch

Youtube it could be heading towards its worst moment in all its history. While other apps demand the attention of viewers and users, Twitch has managed to prevail in the war of youtubers and streamers, attracting the main figures and content creators. The Amazon platform is a more comfortable and attractive place, as well as more complete, and authors like AuronPlay they have already taken the leap. Among the keys to this indentation are monetization changes and the effect of lockdown by COVID-19.

We review the keys to a change of era in streaming

Changes in population habits driven by COVID-19 have played a key role in the popularity of Twitch. According to data from the Stramlabs live streaming industry report and Stram hatchet, Twitch would be agglutinating 70.5% of the hours of visualization during the third quarter of 2021, some figures that demonstrate the power of the portal with respect to its direct competition. But the situation for YouTube is more complicated and difficult. During this same period, Facebook Gaming has overtaken YouTube Gaming Live in hours of broadcasting and viewing, a symptom of the changes in habits in these months.


Although live broadcasts are not YouTube’s strong suit, these figures open a debate on which is currently the platform of choice for streamers, who prefer to broadcast and do live shows for a long time than to edit videos or prepare clips with a lot of editing work. . In the agency specialized in digital environments, 3AW have given us the details on how all these changes have affected the youtubers more important, that They have preferred to go to Twitch in an exodus that has been happening for months and that has no visas to stop.

Twitch’s simplicity of monetization and ease of use have led to the exodus


One of the most obvious are the effects of the pandemic, which caused streaming platforms to come to stay in our lives. “The successive confinements and the measures imposed by the governments led people to seek leisure alternatives within their homes, awakening the interest of many users for live content “, they tell us from 3AW. Thanks to this, During the second half of 2020, Twitch increased its headcount by 40%. streamers, who have seen in it a platform with better conditions to grow professionally. The entry of television programs with video calls to celebrities from cinema and music or sports, as well as the emergence of personalities such as Ibai Llanos, that transformed everything in the Amazon portal, they have changed the rules of the game for YouTube.

The monetization factor

For years, YouTube started with a strong commitment to reward creators who decide to monetize their videos, rewarding them for generating traffic. But promises are just that: promises. Twitch decided to change the market by offering easier conditions to meet to access the program of streamers and to be able to start receiving money for emissions. It is more seductive for content creators, much easier to understand and considerably less draconian than the one presented by YouTube, which has generated controversy since its introduction. However, after complaints and anger from much of the community, changes have been promised. Without going any further, Today we learned about the creation of a union of youtubers and influencers who were looking for greater transparency in this regard.

Facebook YouTube Twitch

In 2022 YouTube Gaming will be strengthened, trying to be more open and focused on video games, betting on esports and seeking to increase its competitiveness with other platforms. But what about advertising? Well the streamers can earn more money on Twitch with fewer followers, since it has varied alternatives, such as the possibility of making subscriptions or the partners. It is much more flexible, offers better conditions and it is easier to place advertisements or sponsors in the broadcasts, with greater possibilities of reaching or impacting the audiences. you only have to see who have won the most sought-after figures in Spainon Twitch. YouTube still has to know how to focus its offer that begins to be very reduced.


“Content creators, as in the world of work, seek the best conditions to be able to develop professionally. Therefore, providers must look after their interests and establish beneficial monetization and advertising systems for both parties,” he explained. Yaiza Redondo, International and Digital Business Manager at 3AW. “What is clear is that, in this battle between these two internet giants, the biggest beneficiaries are the users who see how both platforms try to grow and increase their benefits and possibilities “, he concludes.

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The exodus on YouTube: the most famous streamers go to Twitch