The extravagant birthday celebration of Susana Giménez on a raft, in an ecological and vegan hotel in Colombia

Susana Giménez’s extravagant birthday celebration (Videos and photo: Instagram)

It was not Miami or Punta del Este. For the first time, the destination chosen to celebrate his birthday was Colombia. Is that Susana Gimenez is there for work reasons and took the opportunity to celebrate with his daughter Mercedes Sarrabayrouse and some relatives in a very particular way.

There were no large tables in the restaurant, no dancing until dawn, and no repeated toasts with friends. At a small table, with only three guests, Susana treated herself to an outdoor lunch in a very original way: on a floating island. “This is how the day of my birthday began, having lunch on a raft in the middle of a giant lake. The food is brought to you by boat”, he wrote on his Instagram account next to the video of the moment in which a boat approaches to serve them food.

The driver also shared some images of the place where she stays with her daughter, which also adds originality to the trip. In a kind of glamping, a fully equipped luxury tent, Susana spends her days in Guatapé. Eco friendly, vegan friendly and pet friendly define the place in their social networks. A space to connect with nature and lead a healthy life.

Susana Giménez showed her room at the hotel in Colombia

“We came from eating and this is my terrace. It’s 13 degrees, very cold. I didn’t know, I thought I was coming to the tropics and I didn’t bring anything. This is on, the jacuzzi with hot water. I also have a fire lit in case I want to throw myself there – an outdoor living room – to talk, have a glass of wine or whatever. The wine is the only thing I didn’t like about Colombiaor from the hotel but in reality it is everywhere, where we are going to eat there is no good wine, almost all of them are Argentines but they are not very good, they are very strong, something always hurts, ”the diva complained through Instagram stories while it showed the outside of the tent in which he is staying.

And in the same video, Susana gave some more images of the magnificent room set up inside a giant tent. “This is my room, magical, look what it is!”, She shouted with her characteristic tone. “There’s Nico who brought me another heater because he’s too cold to shit, anyway I bought pink pajamas at Jumbo because yesterday I was freezing to death in my nightgown”, she said, very tempted to laugh.

“From this magical place, I appreciate the messages and the loving greetings you sent for my birthday and I couldn’t answer. It was a full day of celebrations, I’m going to tell you about it! ”, She wrote very excited in another post.

Susana Giménez and the photo she posted from the terrace of her room
Susana Giménez and the photo she posted from the terrace of her room

There are plenty of reasons for joy, since on March 11 it premieres Porn and Ice Cream, a series that will be streamed on Prime Video. “I’m dying to see her, I have an intrigue that eats me up,” she wrote a few days ago. In fiction, directed by Martin Pironyanskywill have a small participation but it will be his return to acting after a long time.

Susana herself explained in a video that “she has nothing to do with porn”, she even said that her thing was a cameo. “I’m not the protagonist, I do a small thing, but it amuses me because I haven’t done anything artistic for about a year and a half, I wanted to do it.” The protagonists are Sofi Morandi, Nacho Saralegui and Piroyanski himself.


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The extravagant birthday celebration of Susana Giménez on a raft, in an ecological and vegan hotel in Colombia