“The eyes are no longer there”: Christian Nodal’s tattoo artist says about the chest tattoo in honor of Belinda

Christian Nodal.

Christian Nodal.

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the tattoos that Christian Nodal molded on his body in honor of Belinda continue to give something to talk about, because after the speculations that arose days after his sentimental breakup it has been confirmed that at least two of the three designs have been definitively eliminated.

This information was confirmed by the tattooist Raphael Valdezwho revealed more details of the process to which the interpreter of “We are not and will not be” was subjected in order to eliminate forever the eyes of Belinda that she had engraved on her chest.

The tattoo artist who has worked with celebrities such as Los Beckhams, Marc Anthony, Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez and Kylie Jenner, to mention just a few of the celebrities, shared before the cameras of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ that he was the one who covered two of the controversial designs left by the love of the “Nodeli”.

“To be honest I didn’t know how many (tattoos) I had of her, I only covered two“, said.

He first referred to the word “Beli” next to the right eara design that was duplicated from one that Nodal has on his arm.

“He already has the tattoo on one side of his arm and it was easy for him to put the same images, they were four lettersthe four symbols to cover”, he explained.

He later confirmed that he removed the tattoo on the side of his ear and “the one with the eyes too“, work that was not easy since it took a whole night and another part is still pending.

It’s another image They were eyes that I had, the eyes are no longer there. What I can say is that it was very complicated, we lasted all night tattooing and we haven’t finished it“, he detailed.

And to the exact question about whether he would dare to tattoo Belinda or any ex of his clients, he replied that it is not something that is prohibited, but he likes to respect his work.

How much does Christian Nodal’s tattoo artist charge?

Raphael Valdezwho has positioned himself as one of the most exclusive tattoo artists today since he appears directly at the homes of celebrities who request his service, works for a price starting at $5,000 dollarsand days before he shared a photograph of the first tattoo of Christian Nodal which covered.

Likewise, after the presentation of Christian Nodal at Premios Lo Nuestro, some images of what the chest tattoo currently looks like circulated.

And although a few days ago the singer showed off a series of photographs taken for Life and Style Mexico magazine where appears without the tattoo with the word “Utopia” on the foreheadDays later, he ended the rumors by letting himself be seen with this mark that Belinda’s love left him.

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“The eyes are no longer there”: Christian Nodal’s tattoo artist says about the chest tattoo in honor of Belinda