The fetish that generates 4 million pesos a week for an OnlyFans model

It is no secret to anyone that the platform onlyfans It has been one of the ones that has increased the most users during the pandemic, this taking into account the content that is published there and the income it generates for those who are part of it.

One of the women who has managed to take advantage of the page is the model Nova Jewels, from Scotland, who, in addition to assuring that she did not expect to be having so much income at her young age, also revealed one of the practices that has generated the most money for her.

During an interview with the media Daily StarJewels pointed out that urinating is the activity for which he is receiving the most income, since he has several users who pay him a million just for that natural action of the human being.

Qualified as a fetish, urinating has been a great focus of attraction for women, apart from its undeniable beauty and other erotic images that are also part of her account.

Without a doubt, this has been one of the surprises for many netizens who do not have access to this platform, much less understand how it works. The young woman stated that earn up to 1,000 pounds, about 4 million Colombian pesos, per week thanks to this content.

In addition and giving more background details, the model pointed out that some of her clients have even asked her to urinate in a cup and thus are satisfied: “At this point, nothing seems strange to me anymore,” she said.

In the conversation, he also revealed that one of the users who has this fetish she always leaves him a hefty £150 tip, about 400 thousand Colombian pesos, just to be able to see what she is doing “it comes out as soon as I finish. There is literally nothing else involved.”

With the payment she receives and the good payments she manages to obtain, Jewels has managed to pay for the trips and experiences of her life, as she stated that at 26 years old, she never thought or expected to be able to live from what she currently does.

However, not everything turns out to be rosy, because in his story he also pointed out that he has had to get used to drinking a lot of fluids during the day, in order to please his “clients” and get a good pay.

The Scotswoman said that some of the people who pay her for it have even sent her boxes of green tea in order to make it easier for her to urinate. “The timing of the call obviously has to be right because I don’t hold my urine all day, that’s for sure,” Nova Jewels concluded.

Platform restricted models

As a consequence of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and taking into account the restrictions and sanctions that various platforms have had against Russia, Only Fans also joined the protests against the Russian invasion and attack.

This was announced by the platform on March 1, affecting the girls who have their profiles there, since the Russian models who had been using this space as a means of generating income, have not been able to enter their profiles and therefore It has prevented them from monetizing through OnlyFans, generating losses in their personal finances.

Faced with this unusual situation, The models have expressed their doubts and disagreements through Twitter, where they have been able to share screenshots with their customer service ‘tickets’ from the Only Fans platform. Other messages these people are posting charge that Russia does not support payments or transfers.

“We inform you that your country does not support payments, so we cannot help you in this matter at this time,” a model quotes in one of her messages.

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The fetish that generates 4 million pesos a week for an OnlyFans model