The first photo of Juan Pablo Medina, the actor of ‘La Casa de las Flores’, after suffering a thrombosis

Actor Juan Pablo Medina was hospitalized urgently for a thrombosis

Actor Juan Pablo Medina was hospitalized urgently for a thrombosis

In mid-2020, the actor from The House of Flowers, Juan Pablo Medina, had to go through one of the most difficult moments of his life after suffering a thrombosis that put at risk not only his health, but also his life. After stay away from public life for six months to recover, a few days ago he appeared again on his social networks.

With a photo with his girlfriend, The Netflix hit star smiled after one of his legs was amputated. “Many congratulations Chulita Paulina Davila How nice to be able to spend this birthday together! I love you, ”he wrote while uploading a photo of the two celebrating her birth anniversary.

The post was quickly filled with positive comments not only for the birthday girl, but for the actor as well. Medina’s followers were happy to see him again.

In early August, Medina was filming scenes for a new project when he started to feel bad. He was immediately treated by a doctor on set and taken by ambulance to a hospital, where he had to be operated on urgently due to a thrombosis. After a brief period in intensive care, he was transferred to a common room to continue his recovery.

At that time, in the Mexican program Windowing, They revealed some details of the complications suffered by the actor and assured that the doctors had to amputate a leg. “They informed us that the thrombosis affected the intestines, and they were able to save one leg, the other not and Everything indicates that he is recovering from all this traumatic, painful and difficult situation, but he is fine, he is alive”, They reported alleging that they had spoken with people close to him. However, that information was never officially confirmed or denied.

“It was a terrible blow and obviously Juan Pablo is very depressed,” a person close to the star told the Mexican magazine TVNotas at the beginning of September. “They had to remove a part of his right leg because he no longer had blood supply and the specialists argued that there could be the possibility of a necrosis in the leg, so unfortunately there was no other option,” he clarified.

“Dear media, friends and the general public: we are writing to you to confirm that Juan Pablo Medina is stable and in recovery, in the company of your loved ones, after having gone through a critical state of health”, Announced the agency that represents the actor through a statement, days after the events. “We appreciate all the expressions of affection and concerns expressed and we greatly appreciate the respect for their privacy and prudence at this time,” he concludes, along with a photo of the actor.

Medina, 43, was born in Virginia, United States, but was always very connected to his Mexican roots, developing most of his career in Latin America. His first job was in the TV Azteca telenovela When you will be mine. In addition to The House of Flowers, his career includes stakes in SHey your fan, Idol war, Without a trace of you Y Las Juanas, among other soap operas; recently premiered one of his latest works, Moorings, through the HBO Max platform. In cinema he was part of I don’t know whether to cut my veins or leave them long Y The immoral life of the ideal partner.


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The first photo of Juan Pablo Medina, the actor of ‘La Casa de las Flores’, after suffering a thrombosis