The funny ‘night of the elves’ by Marta Luisa from Norway with the shaman Durek and his daughters

For Marta Luisa from Norway and his daughters Christmases are inevitably marked by the absence of Ari Behn, who died on December 25, 2019. However, both the Princess and Maud Angelica, Leah Isadora and Emma Tallulah are committed to enjoying the moment, living with intensity and celebrating the holidays with a smile, just as the writer would have liked. “I wish everyone a wonderful, peaceful and happy Christmas. Remember that you are valuable and lovable. Whoever you are and whatever you feel is important.”, said the eldest daughter of the kings Harald and Sonia, who has starred in a fun evening with her girls and accompanied by her partner, Durek Verret.


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While some bet for the parties for arranged looks, others combine the outfits with those of their companions, as they have done in the celebration of Marta Luisa. Durek has chosen to dress like an elf thanks to a green and red cap, like the apron, which simulates a suit. Too Maud Angelica and Leah Isadora, with clothes identical to those of their mother’s boyfriend, have become these little beings with magical powers. They wanted to immortalize the moment in a photo in which their smiles show how much fun they are having. A feeling that the shaman has also expressed with words, assuring that it makes him “very happy” to have the Princess with his daughters by his side.

The relationship between Marta Luisa and the shaman, who has worked with Gwyneth Paltrow, began when a mutual friend insisted that they had to meet. In the spring of 2019, their friendship gave way to a love that was not easy at first and generated a great revolution in public opinion in Norway. The daughter of the Kings of the Scandinavian country was oblivious to criticism and decided to bet on her love. She is convinced that she has found her soul mate, says that she inspires her to be better and feels many emotions by her side. The courtship is increasingly consolidated and even they think about wedding despite the fact that his routines run thousands of kilometers since he has his residence fixed in the United States. The distance, however, has not been a barrier for Durek when it comes to supporting his partner in the most difficult moments. In addition, he has connected very well with the daughters of the Princess, with whom he also usually spends a lot of time.


The professional paths of Marta Luisa’s daughters

For the sister of the heir to the Norwegian throne, it is a great joy that her daughters have accepted Durek so well, who in turn had a good relationship with Ari Behn and even the Christmases in which the writer took his own life were going to coincide. In addition, their happiness is full to see how the three achieve their goals despite being in the process of recomposition. Maud Angelica, who has come of age this year, is a lover of painting, is dedicated to giving the necessary visibility to mental health and has published a book about his personal experience with grief. Leah Isadora, 16, is a recognized influencer in the beauty industry. For her part, the youngest of the family, Emma Tallulah, 13, stands out as a great Amazon.

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The funny ‘night of the elves’ by Marta Luisa from Norway with the shaman Durek and his daughters