The gesture of Hollywood stars to rejuvenate without changing your look

For an anti-aging ritual to be truly effective, holistic approaches work best. And it is that, If you add the best beauty tricks to skin care, its effects multiply. Miranda Kerr, for example, enhances the action of her creams with mineral stone massages that achieve a “lifting effect” and eliminate toxins. Brooke Shields knows very well that brow design is essential to achieve a fresh and revitalized look and that is why rely on laminate to keep them perfect no need for products. And now the Hollywood stars prove how to enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of a new look without going to the salon just by changing the hair part. We anticipate that the best thing about the trend is that it softens the features, which favors women of all ages.


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Andie MacDowell’s gray hair doesn’t add up to years

Since he stepped on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival last July with an impressive gray hair, Andie MacDowell has not stopped giving away stellar moments in each of her public appearances and her last appearance in Los Angeles was no different. The reason is that, in addition to the impressive pearl necklace with a coral pendant, Andie has worn her hair combed with the look that increases the feeling of density from the roots and rejuvenates the locks: to wear the part to the side. “The side parting and soft toupee add sensuality as well as volume”, says Raquel Saiz, from Salón Blue by Raquel Saiz.


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The freshness of the ‘wet effect’

Reese Witherspoon usually wears the part in the middle and this is how she appears in most of her posts on networks. However, for the same gala that Andie MacDowell has attended at the Getty Center in Los Angeles, the actress has decided to change her side, a gesture a priori imperceptible but which the experts speak wonders because it helps to give more body to the look: “So that it does not become stained, it is advisable to change the line from time to time. Although it is not necessary, it is convenient, and you can be educated to change your address “, advises Inma García, head of training at Madrid’s Menta Beauty Place salons. Reese’s “wet look” hairstyle is also famous for its rejuvenating powers and because it is equally beautiful at all ages; the proof is that both the 45-year-old actress and Vanessa Hudgens have chosen it lately for their party looks.


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Vanessa Hudgens’ trendy look

The actress has worn the same finish wet look by Reese Witherspoon but with her cut to the height of the clavicle, which shows her versatility: “This hairstyle can be achieved with a bob, but also with manes midi or long. We can also choose how we separate the hair, to one side or in the middle, but always hair goes behind ears“Explains the hairdresser Raquel Saiz about the” wet effect. “Another latest detail of Vanessa’s look is that she combs the ends out with a sixties air that they adore the muses of generation Z.


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Waves to the Water as Alexandra Daddario

Rose to fame as one of the protagonists of the remake from The Baywatch And now she is one of the most anticipated guests at events such as the awards ceremony which Andie MacDowell and Reese Witherspoon have also attended. Like them, Alexandra too she has taken the line to one side although she accompanies her from the waves to the water that are so successful on the red carpet. A hairstyle that shapes the locks with a touch of glamor and that, thanks to the express fashion change of look, achieves even more body and volume.

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The gesture of Hollywood stars to rejuvenate without changing your look