The great challenge of Queen Elizabeth: mobility problems and a new reality

The situation of Queen Elizabeth in recent months has generated significant concern, not only in her environment, but also among the British. Since the death of Philip of Edinburghthe monarch, despite remaining committed to her agenda and her duties, has had to cancel several of her appointments and has even had some health ailments.

Queen Isabel

We must not forget that the sovereign is not only celebrating seventy years of reign, but also is about to turn ninety-six. An age at which her late husband was already completely disconnected from official activity.

Despite the ailments, the monarch tries to keep her commitments to the maximum, but his public appearances are more limited. In fact, although we have sometimes seen her leaning on a cane, the truth is that she totally rejects the idea of ​​using a wheelchair. For this reason, sources from around Elizabeth II have confirmed that she now carefully chooses the acts in which she participates. In fact, she could not be seen in the traditional commonwealth daybecause he needs to rest in order to be present at the end of this month at the tribute to Philip of Edinburgh that is going to be held at the westminster abbey. An appointment that will also be attended by representatives of different royal houses, such as Spain, Sweden, Holland or Belgium, as well as authorities.

The Queen with her husband and minor children at Balmoral. / Gtres

Although the monarch rejects being seen in public in a wheelchair, it is obvious that she has mobility problems. So much so, that recently it has been commented that she has had to stop going for a walk with her beloved dogs on the grounds of the windsor castlewhere you have fixed your residence permanently.

the tabloid The Sun has just confirmed that, due to her mobility problems, the monarch has requested that an elevator be installed in one of her favorite properties to facilitate her stay given her mobility problems, which could worsen in the future. This is Craigowan Lodge, located in the balmoral groundsvery close to the Castle.

Queen Isabel
The monarch feels very comfortable in Scotland. / Gtres

It is a seven-bedroom stone house that was frequently used by Prince Charles and Princess Diana when they visited Balmoral during the summer months, although the Prince later settled in Birkhall, where he spent his honeymoon with Camilla. Parker Bowles. It is now used for hosting very important guests or sometimes several members of the royal family. Also, when the monarch arrives in the area around mid-July, she stays there while the main house is being prepared.

Queen Isabel
Queen Elizabeth at the reception at Balmoral Castle last year. / Gtres

As it has transpired, the elevator that has been installed has capacity for three adults or a user in a wheelchair and its price has been approximately 20,000 pounds. A close source has told the tabloid that for a long time the house has been considered the ideal place for the monarch to spend time at this stage, since it is one of her favorite places. own princess beatrice he has stated on numerous occasions that Balmoral is his favorite corner of the earth and where the Queen feels happiest. Information that she has confirmed Ingrid Seward, from Majesty magazine: “Craigowan is one of the Queen’s favorite homes. She loves being there. The idea of ​​making things easy for her so she can spend more time there in the future is a great idea. It makes a lot of sense for him to spend time there. It is a home that she has always enjoyed and it gives her a bit of independence.”

On the other hand, biographer Penny Junor He explained that mobility has become a challenge for the Queen, although she does not think she will spend much time in Scotland, precisely for this reason. “She loves Scotland, but I don’t think she uses the cabin all year round. It’s a lovely place in the summer, but it’s quite cold and gloomy in the winter”has commented.

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The great challenge of Queen Elizabeth: mobility problems and a new reality