The great revenge of Iñaki Urdangarín: starting a new life as if the Infanta Cristina had never existed

In the photo scandal
Inaki Urdangarin Y
Ainhoa ​​Armentia, the institutional mixes with the personal. After the initial shock that confirms the new
relationship of the former Duke of Palma with a co-worker, an office love that
it’s been cooking for months doubts arise within the four walls of the Imaz y Asociados law firm in Vitoria. And, as almost always, the bursts of information that begin to come out regarding the new couple contrast with the silence that is heard from the members of the king’s family. They say that
the infanta Cristina knew for a long time that the marriage was going to sink. Even so, this Christmas they gathered the whole family in Baqueira to convey an image of normality. But nevertheless,
Iñaki would already be intimate with Ainhoa: In his office, the flirtation between the two was general comment.

Ainhoa ​​Armentia, the new girlfriend of Iñaki Urdangarín. /


It is impossible to know for sure if Cristina knew or not about the parallel relationship that Iñaki Urdangarín already enjoyed. The only certain thing in all this history has been
the loyalty of the infanta with her future ex-husband, whom she did not want to leave aside (and of course he refused to divorce) despite his sentence to five years and ten months in prison for the Nóos case. Remember: in 2008,
Iñaki was found guilty of prevarication, embezzlement, fraud and influence peddling, but the corruption scandal in which he was the protagonist marked a before and after in the public consideration of the Spanish royal family, broadened the focus towards the economic and sentimental activity of King Emeritus Juan Carlos and gave rise to a
reconsideration of the need for transparency that the legislature must demand of the Crown. In addition, it was the origin of the definitive schism within the Bourbon family, since King Felipe VI
stripped the title of Duchess of Palma from her sister Cristina, but later he would end up expelling sisters, brothers-in-law and nephews from the protective umbrella of the royal family.

During his imprisonment
, the infanta Cristina tried to lead a life as normal as possible in Switzerland, above all, for his youngest daughter, Irene, who still goes to school there. However, she never missed her two or three monthly visits in prison, nor was her unwavering love for Urdangarín ever questioned. In fact, his total withdrawal from Zarzuela was always interpreted as
a life bet for her husband and her future life with her children. The pandemic interrupted this regularity, one that we know today was not enough for the former Duke of Palma. In fact, as soon as he finished third grade last May and started his job at Imaz y Asociados, something in his brain closed.
Stripped of privileges, marginalized by all and alone in Vitoria, he began a new life. A new life that, in the end, has been both a reboot and a revenge.

After living trial, marginalization, disrepute and prison, it is possible to imagine a
Iñaki Urdangarín wishing to erase a large part of his biography, from 1996 to here. In fact, this courtship with an ordinary woman, a girl from his own city whom he could easily have met 20 years ago, allows him to
trace his life as it should have been, if the infanta Cristina had not crossed his path at the Atlanta Olympics. Iñaki Urdangarín could have lived an existence outside of history, with the worries, troubles and fatalities of a former elite athlete, but in a controlled, familiar environment in which to function.

Perhaps today, in view of events, he considers
bad luck to have married the infanta Cristina, a marriage that uprooted him from a predictable life and led him to a new world in which to find his place. The clumsiness with which he behaved in the dangerous world of big money bordered on, we could see in his emails, pathos.
Iñaki Urdangarín was an elephant in a china shop while he operated as the Duke of Palma and a gasping fish out of water when the king’s family turned their back on him. Now, definitively marginalized from the Bourbon universe, he behaves like what he always was: a gentleman like any other.

, Iñaki Urdangarín is not a man like any other, Clear. Although his greatest revenge right now may be, indeed, behaving like one. His resentment at the lack of support from the royal house for his judicial situation may be at the bottom of his
inability to manage in a more diplomatic way his break with the infanta Cristina, in the end the most affected by an impossible situation. By being so affectionate in public with another woman, Iñaki Urdangarín emphasizes that he no longer owes anything to the royal family, the same family that discharged the responsibility of u
no way to do which, we now know, was installed on higher instances.

There remains, of course, the personal question. Because if in the institutional sphere all this scandal can be understood as a cold revenge,
in the family is the damage to the infanta Cristina and her four children. That is where Urdangarín’s behavior finds no more logic than that of the ostrich.

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The great revenge of Iñaki Urdangarín: starting a new life as if the Infanta Cristina had never existed