The great risk of the reign of Prince Charles, according to his surroundings: his son Harry

There is enormous concern in the surroundings of Prince Charles, according to sources from the royal specialist Richard Kay, who has published a devastating article about the relationship between the Prince of Wales and his youngest son, Prince Harry, in the Daily Mail, the newspaper with which he Meghan Markle lives a battle without quarter and against which he has achieved a great judicial victory a few days ago.

Regarding the situation between Carlos and Harry we must emphasize that it comes from far behind, since his expensive wedding to Meghan Markle, that it would have come to the eldest son of Elizabeth II to ask his son who was going to pay for all this, his decision to leave his country and settle in the United States, and a series of steps that have not helped to smooth things over.

One of the biggest sources of his current distance was his statements in the controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey, in which he accused his father of having withdrawn any type of income and the royal family of having asked for the color of skin Archie might have, which generated a huge crisis within the Windsors.

Harry and Meghan, in their interview with Oprah Winfrey. (Reuters)

All indications seem to indicate that the wounds with Prince Charles are far from closed and, following Richard Kay’s reasoning, if things continue like this, they could get more complicated than those that the heir to the British throne already experienced with his ex-wife, Diana of Wales. A scenario that Kay poses since Queen Elizabeth II, who just a few days ago he lost one of his most important confidants and collaborators, is very old and the reign of Carlos is guessed in a horizon not too distant.

And far from putting out the flame of conflict, it seems that his youngest son is still determined to leave him in a bad place. Proof of this is that Prince Harry marked distances with him publicly and what seems more serious, especially around Prince Charles, is that he has called into question his capacity for good judgment.

Will collaborate with the investigation

Until now it was believed that after their meeting in the funeral for Philip of Edinburgh They had managed to smooth rough edges and they had even resumed communication, by telephone, but, if that had been the case, the new step of the prince could have been a jug of cold water, as will be understood below …

The most talkative grandson of Queen Elizabeth II has ensured that he expressed concern about Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz a year before prince of wales proposed to him to obtain the appointment of Commander of the Order of the British Empire, which he finally achieved in 2016. A gesture that does not suit his father at all, which is being questioned and that It has led Carlos to say publicly with the ongoing investigation to clarify things.

Prince Harry during a concert last May (Getty)

There is the paradox that Prince Harry states that he was concerned about the motivations of the ‘generous’ donations of the Saudi millionaire to charitable causes related to Prince Charles in order to obtain the aforementioned distinction and British citizenship, but he himself had a relationship with him and they met twice, although he maintains that he broke all relationship with him in 2014 And he has communicated that he has absolutely nothing to do with his 2016 honor scandal, drawing a clear red line with his father.

“Such a reprimand, especially if it continues, could have an impact on the prince as monarch as we approach his reign. And that is why this week those close to Charles view the unraveling of the father-son relationship as potentially so Harmful like the one between Prince and Princess Diana “, Richard Kay has said verbatim.

Proven facts

As we say, Prince Charles has been embroiled in severe criticism in recent months as a result of his relationship with Mahfouz and the hundreds of thousands of pounds that the billionaire donated to his foundation, The Prince’s Foundation. And the scandal has already claimed its first victim and not just any … The Prince’s valet, Michael Fawcett, resigned as director of the Prince’s Foundation last month because of his role in this scandal, and it has great significance because he is very close to Camilla Parker-Bowles’ husband. His step back came as a result of an independent investigation that determined that Fawcett had been in contact with representatives of Mahfouz.

Queen Elizabeth II, in a file image. (EFE)

Events continue their course and it is necessary to see if these donations actually reached one and a half million pounds sterling, as they say, and for what purpose, but there are still many unknowns, one of them, to whom would Prince Harry have shown his concern and why. Also how the relationship developed between the Saudi millionaire and the Duke of Sussex.

A delicate situation

Regarding Prince Charles, we know that in addition to having presented him with this recognition in a private ceremony at Buckingham Palace, he had meetings with him in Scotland and Saudi Arabia. As for Harry, as revealed by The Sunday Times, he met Mahfouz in 2013 in a pub in Chelsea, west of London, owned by Mark Dyer, a former royal squire. Apparently they were talking about Sentebale, a charity of the Duke of Sussex, created in 2006 to help people affected by AIDS in Lesotho and Botswana, after the sabbatical year he spent in Africa.

And perhaps the most significant anecdote was published by the same newspaper, which ensures that the two met again at Clarence House the following year after Prince Charles had also met Mahfouz. A relaxed tone would have been generated in that meeting and the prince would have said jokingly: “My father beat me and got the money?” A phrase that, if true, would not leave him in a good place either.

Prince Andrew of England, at the Abu Dhabi golf championship. (Getty)

We cannot ignore either that The Prince’s Foundation is also being investigated for having accepted a huge number from a wealthy Russian donor that was later rejected by its ethics committee and the scale that the scandal may reach remains to be seen.

The British royal family is going through a delicate moment not only because of this Prince Charles scandal. The most complicated situation is that of his brother Andrés, already condemned to family isolation and institutional by his past association with controversial billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and the accusations of having had sexual relations with Virginia Roberts when she was a minor. These days it is being celebrated the trial against Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s partner, in New York, and they are transcending devastating (and sordid) details and proper names that were linked to him such as Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

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The great risk of the reign of Prince Charles, according to his surroundings: his son Harry