“The greatest joy is to see oneself”: the transition from Ellen to Elliot Page

The renowned actor of the series The Umbrella Academy, Elliot Page He declared himself transgender on his social networks at the end of the year 2020.

At the time, the actor, who previously identified himself as Ellen, thanked those who supported him in his transit, saying: “I don’t know how to express how good it feels to finally love the person I am to pursue my authentic self.” The actor also added at the time: “I love being trans. And I love being queer.”

One of the first interviews he gave after his statement was in Time, at that time he said: “With deep respect for those who preceded me, gratitude for those who have supported me and great concern for the generation of trans youth that we all must protect, Please join me in speaking out against anti-trans legislation, hate and discrimination in all its forms.”

Since his revelation he has become the target of a “indescribable hatred, but it also brought him unimaginable joy”so they affirm in their most recent interview in the recognized publication in Esquire.

I cannot overstate the greatest joy, which is actually seeing oneself. I know I look different than others, but to me I’m starting to look like myself. It’s indescribable, because I’m like, there I am. And thank God here I am. So the greatest joy is being able to feel present, literally, just being present,” Elliot said in the post.

Since he was little he wanted to be a boy and since he was a child he began his great rise in the world of acting, at the age of 10 he was already a professional actor first appearing in the television tape “Pit Pony” (1997).

Later, he participated in series such as Trailer Park Boys (2002) and on tapes like “Marion Bridge” (2002), “Touch & Go” (2003), “Love That Boy” (2003) and “Wilby Wonderful” (2004), but it was in “Hard Candy” (2005), where she played a girl with a plan to catch a sexual predator, where she made the jump to fame and a projection to her career.

After this film the actor participated in “X-Men: The Final Battle” (2006), “Lockdown” (2007) and “The Tracy Fragments” (2007). And it was in the same 2007 that he would reach one of the great peaks of his career starring in the film Junoan acclaimed production in which she starred as the young pregnant Juno MacGuff, role for which he was nominated for Academy Awards and Golden Globes.

This tape gave him an unimaginable boost and soon Elliot was involved in “Smart People” (2008), “Girls Without Brakes” (2009), “Inception” (2010), “To Rome With Love” (2012), “The East” (2013) and “X-Men: Days of the future past” (2014).

It was in 2014 when publicly declared homosexual during a conference that sought to support the LGBT community in the city of Las Vegas. After this statement she participated in “Tallulah” (2016), “Mercy” (2017) and the remake of “Línea Mortal: el limit” (2017), together with the Mexican actor, diego moon. But it wasn’t until 2020 that she came out as transgender and changed her birth name from Ellen to Elliot.

In the Esquire interview titled “The Euphoria of Elliot Page”, The actor stated that he spent much of his childhood in the woods, that people bullied him, that he was a soccer player, he talked about his tattoos, his friends, his relationship with his parents, his favorite movie and even love for his dog.

I.G. Elliot Page / Image Esquire

Elliot knows that the fight is just beginning and that things get complicated in politics: “There are people in elected office who are saying that essentially transgender people will be responsible for the end of existence. That degree of rhetoric is really alarming and horrible.”

He further stated that: “it is also endless misinformation, and people buy it. The idea that gender is a binary concept based specifically on genitalia is a very new idea in relation to human history. We exist in all cultures throughout history! People don’t learn about that reality. They are forbidding children to learn it. It’s all tactical.”

For now, his career continues and recognition is increasing, what is coming now for Elliot is the premiere of the third season of “The Umbrella Academy” this June 22 in Netflix.

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“The greatest joy is to see oneself”: the transition from Ellen to Elliot Page