The heartbreaking phrase of Benjamín Vicuña about the end of his relationship with China Suárez

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Benjamín Vicuña spoke for the first time about how he made the decision to separate from China Suárez

Less than a month before the start of Wandagate, in which Eugenia “la China” Suárez was involved as third in discord between Wanda nara and Mauro Icardi, Benjamin Vicuña He referred to his separation from the actress, last August. The artist gave an interview to a Chilean media and opened up about how difficult it was for her to make the decision to leave her children.

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In the midst of the versions that imply that the ex-partner would not be having a good relationship, Vicuña defined the mother of his two minor children, Magnolia, three years old, and Amancio, of one, like “An incredible woman”, but he expressed harsh phrases about his experience in front of his separation.

“At 42 years old, the joys and sorrows add up and in that sense it is difficult. Although we are resilient beings, abandoning a life project, an idea, a commitment, is very hard. It is painful to leave children and home“, Vicuña told the Chilean magazine Velvet.

On August 20, the artist confirmed its separation with China through their social networks. “We want the best for the family that we are and will continue to be. Today that leads us to take a new path separated as a couple, but with love and always united by our children”He wrote on Instagram.

Now, he reflected: “We all lose with a separation. We definitely all lose. But as you well know, it is a stage that I am living behind closed doors, ”said Benjamin, implying that there are things that he still prefers not to talk about.

The cover of Chile's Velvet magazine features Benjam & # xed; n Vicu & # xf1; a as the cover character

Courtesy Velvet

The cover of Chile’s Velvet magazine has Benjamín Vicuña as the cover character (Gentileza Velvet /)

Asked about whether it would be open to a possible reconciliation with the ex Almost angels, the actor did not rule it out but did not want to make any statements about it. “One does not know. Nor would I reflect on it here”, He launched, closing the issue.

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The protagonist of the series Alternative therapy (Star +) too was consulted by his ex-partner, Carolina “Pampita” Ardohain, and her current husband, Roberto García Moritan, who last week assumed in The angels of the morning (eltrece) have a good bond with in Chilean.

About the couple, with whom he shares the possession of his other three children he had with the model Baptist, Benicio and Beltran, he highlighted “they built a beautiful family, which is partly my family. We have a very good dialogue, coexistence, and they have what I love the most: my children, who are my treasure ”.

Benjam & # xed; n Vicu & # xf1; and China Su & # xe1; rez are the protagonists of the Alternative Therapy series (Star +), which will premiere & # xf3; after they confirmed their separation

Star +

Benjamín Vicuña and China Suárez are the protagonists of the Alternative Therapy series (Star +), which premiered after they confirmed their separation (Star + /)

In this sense, confirming García Moritán’s statements, the actor complimented the businessman and politician. “It gives me great peace of mind to know that someone like that lives with my children. Life surprises us and things change. We are an assembled family, with different roles, but we love each other and we accompany each other ”.

Faced with this statement, Vicuña was consulted by Eugenia and pointed out: “The mother of two of my children, an incredible woman.” He also hinted that today more than ever he takes refuge in the love of his children and was full of love for them. “Amancio is already walking, he is a beautiful, funny prince. Magnolia is a luminous beauty, a beauty that excites me. Regalona and very close to Bautista, Benicio and Beltrán”.

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Finally, the artist spoke about his new work projects and how he decided to face life after this hard year. “Today I am in a moment of definitions, projecting a lot. Also evaluating; evaluating different life scenarios ”. In recent days, the actor was linked to the businesswoman Romina pigretti, but neither of them came out to confirm the romance.

Vicuña revealed that in the coming months will release a perfume and who will film with Florence Peña and Eleanor Varela the comedy Lie to Me, directed by Sebastian Schindel and produced by Lucas Akoskin. “It will be shot between January and February,” he said.

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The heartbreaking phrase of Benjamín Vicuña about the end of his relationship with China Suárez