The heartbreaking story of Gianinna Maradona in which she asks Diego for forgiveness

Gianinna Maradona and the emotional letter to Diego (Photo: @giamaradona)
Gianinna Maradona and the emotional letter to Diego (Photo: @giamaradona)

In a few days the first anniversary of the death of Diego Maradona And while tributes are being prepared all over the world, the gaze is once again focused on his innermost circle: what will his family do next November 25? Although it was learned that Matías Morla and Diego’s sisters will travel to Dubai to attend a tribute match, little is known what decision the former player’s children will make.

Dalma She was the first to demonstrate and has already announced, through a video on her Instagram account, that she will not participate in any of the celebrations to which she was invited. In the meantime, Gianinna also used her networks but to write a long and heartfelt letter. With an image in which she can be seen as a child in her father’s arms, the young woman made catharsis and reflected the pain and how difficult it is for her to face every day away from her.

Despair, vulnerability takes hold of me, feeling broken, I’m tied up, the forces that “I HAVE” to have leave me unable to breathe. I need justice for your sudden departure. They cannot continue as if nothing. It’s all too much, ”he began writing.

“I can’t take it anymore, a thousand fronts open, many enemies who shoot with missiles, the usual ones standing there to continue hurting those of us who are still here. I look at Benja-her son-, it hurts twice as much. Living without you costs more every day, from the moment you left they talk about you to the animals. I must live you in peace, be happy, and make your King happy. I know. Sorry for the situations you had to see, ”he continued about the constant conflicts that are generated around the Maradona surname.

Gianinna Maradona's post in which she asks Diego for forgiveness (Photo: @giamaradona)
Gianinna Maradona’s post in which she asks Diego for forgiveness (Photo: @giamaradona)

The youngest daughter of the former player and Claudia Villafañe He told with pain how the loss of his father and the passage of time transits: “I think of you, I feel you, I dream of you, I see you and I find myself. I keep learning, I am not an example, I do what I can and every day I do less, or more. I don’t even know that. Time ended up proving me right, but it is useless if you are gone. I would have preferred not to have it. It comforts me to know that I always told you EVERYTHING. Everything and more. I embrace your anger and I embrace mine. Without understanding, only accepting that you also did what you could with what they did to you. In a world full of hypocrites, the real, different, those who live without asking for explanations, those who do what they feel, those who do what they say, are the crazy, they are the sons of bitches ”.

And to close the moving text to his father, he promised not to lower his arms: “I am not going to give up, the 10 on my back I never carried but your last name and your legacy to continue despite everything and everyone will continue to live in my. The more they want to see me fall, the more I am going to get up, in short, falling is also flying for a moment. I love you and I will miss you until we meet again. Thank you for continuing to support from there. Thank you for them and THANK YOU for the family of your fans who make me feel a little closer. Your legacy x the world, your legacy as a flag. I LOVE YOU ARMING OF MY SOUL!”.

Some days ago, Gianinna had referred to the sayings that they expressed Nicki nicole and Duki about the former player. “I was not born in the time of Diego Maradona and football does not interest me, but I know a lot about his past, so I am not his fan. My father and my grandfather are, but I It also seems controversial the fact that a person who has this type of behavior is followed. Would you listen to an artist who is an abuser? I do not”, The singer had said. His words generated controversy on social media, particularly from fans of the Ten. And your colleague, Duki came out to back her up sharing a message of support on his Twitter.

Tired of the criticism, the former Kun Agüero did not write any message about the artists, but she “liked” messages that made reference to them. “Talk about Diego Armando Maradona when you can sing without auto-tune”, wrote a user next to a vintage video of the remembered former soccer player singing the song “Querida amigo”, by the Pimpinela duo.


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The heartbreaking story of Gianinna Maradona in which she asks Diego for forgiveness