The historic interview that marked the point of no return for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gave a televised interview last March to her friend, the American presenter Oprah Winfrey. A conversation that was watched by millions of people and that was followed very closely, especially at Buckingham Palace. Decades earlier, Princess Diana already conducted another ‘bomb’ interview in which he recognized that there were three in his marriage. Aware of the power of television, the Dukes of Sussex chose the well-known communicator to open up to her like never before. They talked about everything and everyone and this apparition undoubtedly supposed the point of no return between the couple and the British Royal Family. They told their truth, how they had lived and what they had felt before, during and after the Megxit and the reasons that made them leave the UK and live their own lives.


In the first place, the Duchess explained that they chose to sit before public opinion last March because they were already installed in California and had no connection with the English monarchy. “Now we have the possibility to make our own decisions.” “I don’t know how they could expect that after all this time, we would just be quiet. if the Firm (as the British Royal House is known) is playing an active role in perpetrating lies about us… And if this carries the risk of losing things… there is much that has already been lost ”, Meghan began.


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The wedding, ‘a show for the world’

Regarding their wedding, which took place on May 19, 2018, Meghan said that they had actually married three days before the official date. “We called the Archbishop of Canterbury and said: ‘This show is for the world, but we want our union with each other.’ So they exchanged their vows in the yard of his house with the presence of the clergyman. Later, the archbishop himself clarified that the marriage certificate was signed on the day of the televised ceremony, although they had several previous meetings. The Duchess also wanted to explain the alleged disagreement she had with her sister-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge, on account of the wedding party. According to his testimony It was not she who made Kate cry but “quite the opposite.” “A few days before the wedding, she (Kate) was upset about something related to the girls’ dresses and it made me cry, it hurt my feelings. I thought that, knowing what was happening with my father, there was no point in not supporting me ”. After the event, she said that Prince William’s wife sent her some flowers with a note of apology. The British press told the episode backwards and to Meghan’s surprise no one denied it.


‘I didn’t want to live anymore’

One of the harshest accounts was when Meghan said that: “I didn’t want to live anymore. It was a constant, clear and terrifying thought ” At the same time, she did not want to tell her husband “because I know how many losses he has suffered, but I knew that if he did not say it, he would. He did not want to continue living. I thought it would be the best for everyone, “he added. His mental health was seriously affected and when he raised the idea of ​​asking for help, they did not offer it because “it would not be good for the institution.”

Controversy with Archie’s title

They also clarified one of the points that even before his testimony was taken for granted. The Sussexes were believed to have given up on their eldest son, Archie, had the title of Prince, but Meghan said that this was not the case. That dignity was denied and it was an imposed decision. They explained that when I was pregnant with Archie there were those who wondered what color would the baby’s skin be, although they did not want to reveal the names of the people who asked. She was also very upset after learning that her husband’s security would be removed despite the fact that he had received threats.

After a first part, in which Meghan was the real protagonist of the questions that Oprah Winfrey asked her, it was Prince Harry’s turn. He acknowledged that his entire family, starting with his grandmother the Queen, were very loving and welcoming to Meghan, but everything changed after his trip to Australia in October 2018. The ‘Meghanmania’ that was unleashed caused “some memories to be revived”, he said in reference to how his mother, Diana of Wales, overshadowed Charles of England on a similar trip to Australian lands in 1983. He also related that the media harassment was one of the reasons that made them leave because he feared that “history would repeat itself ”, Referring to how cornered her mother felt by the tabloids. He tried to protect the privacy of Meghan and her son and even asked his family for help, but, according to his testimony, no one offered it. “My biggest concern was that history would repeat itself (…) And when I say that history was repeating itself, I mean my mother “, He said.


‘I was trapped and saw no way out’

The Duke shed light on what was the origin of the Megxit. He recognized that his separation from the British Royal House had been on his mind for some time. “I was trapped within the system, as is the rest of my family. He didn’t know he was trapped, he didn’t see a way out. Then I met Meg and our worlds connected in an amazing way. ” In addition, he assured that his father, Prince Charles, and his brother, the Duke of Cambridge, are also trapped but “they cannot leave. I feel great compassion for that. ” If Meghan’s statements were devastating, those of her husband were not far behind, especially when she opened up about her relationship with her father. “I am really disappointed because he knows what pain feels like and Archie is his grandson. But at the same time, I will always love him. ” About his brother he said: “I love him, he’s my brother, we’ve been through hell together, but we’re on different paths, time heals all”.

Despite her harshness, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had very kind words for the Queen. “She has always been wonderful to me and made me feel welcome in the Royal Family.”assured the Duchess. Her husband also praised her grandmother during the interview, despite having taken away her military awards, “I have deep respect for my grandmother (…) We have a really good relationship.” They also recognized that they did not have any plans when they left the Firm and that they did not know that they were going to have the contracts that later arrived with the entertainment giants Netflix and Spotify. Everything was possible thanks to Diana’s heritage that allowed them to leave everything behind and start a new life. Palacio cut off their money and security and they had to fend for themselves.


The Queen’s reaction

Reactions to his television appearance were not long in coming. Buckingham Palace issued the following statement: “The whole family is saddened to learn how difficult the last few years have been for Harry and Meghan. The issues that have been discussed, especially in the racial aspect, are worrying. Although some memories of what happened may vary, they are taken very seriously and will be discussed privately by the family. Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be very dear members of the family. “. Before Elizabeth II sent this declaration, the sovereign met with the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge, as published The Times. After this statement, the Duchess of Cambridge went to a London school to participate in an event, which was joined at the last minute by her husband. A gesture that was interpreted as the unconditional support of Prince William for his wife. At the end of the event, a journalist asked him about the accusations of racism made by his brother and his sister-in-law, to which he replied: “We are not a racist family at all” He added, “I haven’t talked to my brother yet, but I will.”

After the aforementioned interview, the Dukes have continued with their lives in a year that has been the confirmation that ties with the British monarchy remain broken and with no prospect of their coming back together. On June 4 they welcomed their second daughter, Lilibeth, that unlike her brother Archie and the other great-grandchildren of Elizabeth II, she was born on North American soil. Neither has Meghan returned to the UK, not even when the Duke of Edinburgh died, since she was in an advanced stage of pregnancy.

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The historic interview that marked the point of no return for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex