‘The House of the Famous (2022)’: Meet all the confirmed participants of the second season

Everything is ready to reopen the doors of “The House of the Famous“, the Telemundo reality show. It will be on Tuesday, May 10, when the cameras and lights turn on again and viewers can once again enter this competition to see the coexistence between the famous participants.

With over 50 hidden cameras and 60 microphones, your every move will be captured 24/7 as you eat, sleep, share bathrooms, have intimate conversations, and face chores, nomination challenges, and graduation ceremonies. elimination.

Viewers can witness the dynamic alliances, rivalries and romances as these personalities compete to take home the grand cash prize. Each week, the public vote will determine which celebrity will walk out of the house, as well as select the favorite who will be crowned the winner at the end of the competition.

Meet the confirmed participants here!

Niurka Marcos: The self-styled “scandal woman” arrives at Telemundo’s reality show. It is not the first time that the star participates in this format since in 2004 she was in the house of “Big Brother VIP”, the format on which “La Casa de los Famosos” is based. Niurka was one of the controversial contestants and had as a partner Hector Sandartithe presenter of this show that starts on May 10.

Luis “El Potro” Cabellero: El Potro is an expert in reality shows since he became known within the format of “Acapulco Shore”, the same show where he participated with Manelyk Gonzalezthe finalist and second place of the first season of “The House of the Famous”.

Yvonne Montero: The actress returns to her Telemundo home where she has made several telenovelas in her career. Ivonne was the protagonist of “Anita, No Te Rajes”, “Amor Descarado” and “Sin Vergüenza” for the Hispanic network. In recent years she also participated in “The Lord of the Skies”.

Nacho Casano: The Argentine actor enters “La Casa de los Famosos” to offer “eye candy” to viewers. Nacho became known in Mexico as a model and for being the “handyman” of the morning show “Hoy” on Televisa. In 2015 he starred in the telenovela “A que no me dejas” for Televisa where he shared credits with Camila Sody. Other melodramas in which he has participated include “Lie to Live”, “What Life Stole from Me”, “My Husband Has a Family”, “Doctors, Line of Life” and unitary ones such as “La Rosa de Guadalupe” and “Como Dice The said”.

Natalia Alcocer: The television host is relatively new and in recent years became known for being one of the participants of “Survivor Mexico”. Recently it was also known that she was a couple of Robert Romanwho was part of the first season of “La Casa de los Famosos.

Brenda Zambrano: Another ex-member of “Acapulco Shore” enters “The House of the Famous”. Brenda is one of the most controversial participants of the MTV reality show and she promises to give a lot to talk about.

This note will be updated as soon as more names are released…

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‘The House of the Famous (2022)’: Meet all the confirmed participants of the second season