The images of Charlene’s loving reunion with her husband and children in Monaco after six months apart

Princess Charlene is already in Monaco. It is the most anticipated image in the Principality, where it was not seen in public since the beginning of January, when he attended the feast of Saint Devota. A few months later, he did not imagine that his last trip to South Africa, already in spring, was going to take longer than expected. A severe infection in the nose, throat and ears was much more complicated than expected and, in addition, the doctors did not recommend flying because he could not bear the pressure. A) Yes three operations passed, some emotional family reunions and a difficult recovery that lasted half a year. A strange influence that unleashed all kinds of speculation about a crisis with her husband.



Charlene from Monaco opens up about her health and her children

This Monday, the Princess returned home in a private jet from South Africa to Nice and from there by helicopter to Monte Carlo. At the foot of the track, her husband, her children were waiting for her; the twins Jacques and Gabriella and Princess Estefanía. With darker and slightly longer hair, dressed in a black coat, high boots, camel dress, shoulder bag and wearing a mask with the Grimaldi crest, Charlene has been welcomed by her family with a huge bouquet of flowers. It has been a reunion full of joy and emotion since they had not seen each other since last August when the monarch and his children went to the African continent. Afterwards, they all posed together for the photographers in the courtyard of the Palace. The Princess appears embracing her husband and her little ones, who are dressed in their school uniform. In her suitcase, Charlene has brought an unexpected companion, a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy dog ​​named Khan, who has also been the other protagonist of the day, which they gave him after last October he was run over Mountain, your chihuahua.

In these months, she has not only missed some of the Monegasque events she was a regular at, such as the Monaco Grand Prix, but also important dates such as her tenth wedding anniversary. What’s more, his absence was the perfect breeding ground for rumors of a crisis in their marriage to emerge. The medical reports detailing the reasons that prevented him from returning to the Principality were not enough, the statements and his public statements began to be splashed with constant displays of affection in which she expressed how much she missed her husband and children.


There were also visits from Alberto and the children to South Africa, nor were there photos of embracing celebrating the long-awaited reunion. Meanwhile, Charlene took refuge in faith to overcome loneliness and face your recovery, or so his latest publications made one think, in which he appeared holding a rosary and with a book that looked like the Bible on the table. These are especially striking details that show that the conversion of the Princess to Catholicism when she married the Monegasque sovereign – previously professed Protestantism – was more than a mere formality.

Now a new and long-awaited stage opens for Charlene of Monaco in which, in addition to fully consolidating her recovery, it must resume its institutional role in the Principality. His absence for so long has had as a direct consequence that the public activity of Princess Carolina intensified to support her brother, and that the little ones Jacques and Gabriella became their father’s best squires, accompanying him in many of the appointments that due to his age they could attend and outlining by leaps and bounds as the future of the Principality that they are called to be.

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The images of Charlene’s loving reunion with her husband and children in Monaco after six months apart