The Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin decide to “interrupt their marriage relationship”

The Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin have decided “by common agreement, to interrupt their marriage relationship”, according to both in a statement sent to the Efe agency and in which they emphasize that the commitment to their four children “remains intact”. The decision comes after it was known last week the relationship of the former Duke of Palma with another woman. On October 4, the sister of the King and Urdangarin would celebrate 25 years of marriage.

“By mutual agreement, we have decided to end our marriage relationship. The commitment to our children remains intact. Since it is a private decision, we ask for the utmost respect from all those around us. Cristina de Borbón and Iñaki Urdangarin”, reads the text of the brief statement in which they formalize their decision.

The relationship between Iñaki Urdangarin and Cristina de Borbón ―daughter of the king emeritus and sister of Felipe VI― began in July 1996, during the celebration of the olympic games in atlanta, where he participated as a handball player for the Spanish team. A year later they were married in the cathedral of Barcelona before 1,500 guests. They have four children.

In June 2015, Felipe VI revoked the title of Duchess of Palma from his sister Cristina, given her refusal for more than three years to renounce her succession rights to the throne of Spain. The decision was adopted a week after the first anniversary of Felipe VI as King and to try to get the Monarchy out of an institutional crisis that started, among other issues, with the case noos, the investigation into the irregular businesses of Iñaki Urgandarin and for which the marriage was judicially investigated. Cristina de Borbón was tried and acquitted in this case. Urdangarin has served a prison sentence of five years and ten months.

With that decision to withdraw the title, Felipe VI culminated a estrangement from his sister that had begun six months earlier with the accusation of Cristina de Borbón in the Noos case. After the trial, in February 2017, Urdangarin was sentenced to six years and three months in prison, and Cristina de Borbón was acquitted of the two tax crimes of which she was only accused by Clean Hands. The Provincial Court of Palma did impose, as civil liability for profit, the payment of a fine of 265,088 euros, which the Supreme Court later reduced to 136,950 euros.

In June 2018, Urdangarin entered the prison of Brieva (Ávila), where he served five years and ten months in prison. Since this past summer you are allowed continue serving his sentence at home and is subject to weekly controls.

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After the abdication of Juan Carlos I, in 2014, the Casa del Rey announced that the royal family was limited to the new monarchs, Don Felipe and Doña Letizia; his daughters, Leonor and Sofía, and the King’s parents, Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía. In this way, the infantas Elena and Cristina ceased to be members of the royal family, becoming relatives of Felipe VI. They do not receive any economic allocation charged to the General State Budgets.

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The Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin decide to “interrupt their marriage relationship”