The latest script twist in the Prince Andrew scandal: the role of Meghan Markle

It seems that Meghan markle he still cannot cross off his agenda future appointments with the justice. A few weeks ago, the judge dismissed the appeal filed by the publishing house Associated Newspaper Limited, giving it a new judicial victory and avoiding, at least for the moment, the possibility that he would have to go to testify in person. But you may have to step on the courts anyway, although by a completely different process and that concerns one of his in-laws: this is the new script twist in the scandal surrounding prince Andrew and the role that Meghan would have.

We are talking about the lawsuit against Prince Andrew that Virginia Roberts Giuffre filed last summer, one of the alleged victims of the sex trafficking plot of minors of the American tycoon Jeffrey Epstein, friend of the Duke of York. The woman has long claimed that Andrés sexually assaulted her when she was a minor, which materialized last August in a lawsuit, under the New York Child Victims Law. Meanwhile, the son of Elizabeth II has categorically denied any time of relationship with her.

Prince Andrew after the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral. (Reuters / Pool / Steve Parsons)

But before the affirmations of one and the denials of another, it will be the judges who decide. On January 4, District Judge Lewis Kaplan will listen to both parties in order to dismiss the lawsuit or continue with the judicial process. And at this first glance, each of the legal teams can provide up to 12 witnesses to support your arguments. And this is where Meghan Markle comes in. Although it had originally been considered Sarah Ferguson, Andrés’s ex, to be questioned by the prosecution, it seems that she has been dismissed because of living in the United Kingdom.

So David Boies, Virginia Giuffre’s lawyer, has assured that the Duchess of Sussex could become the ideal candidate to contribute your testimonial. First, because it is a US citizen and lives there, so it is subject to the laws of the country. Second, and in the words of the lawyer himself, it is “a close associate of Prince Andrew and therefore you are in a position to have seen what he did. “And third, and also in his own words,” because of your past association with him, it is quite possible that he has important knowledge. ”

The Windsors, during Trooping the Color in 2018. (EFE)

That is, for Virginia Giuffre’s attorney, Meghan Markle perfectly meets the requirements that are asked of any witness of this process. But in some British media the possibility has been pointed out that this may respond more to a media strategy than legal. And it is that nobody goes unnoticed that the relationship of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex with the Windsors It is not exactly the closest, and that includes Prince Andrew. During the two years in which they were part of the Royal House as a couple, have hardly met the Duke of York, and we very much fear that their private encounters have not been frequent, if there have been.

So the theories point in the same direction: the lawyers of the alleged victim of Prince Andrew they want to make as much media noise as possibleSince nobody is very clear about what Meghan Markle could contribute and what are those “important knowledge” that she could have of the adventures of your in-law uncle. What is clear is that, if she were really called to testify, the world’s media would echo the quote, which would be very good for the alleged victim and bad for the Duke of York, whose reputation is already more than damaged.

Prince Andrew at the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral. (Reuters / Pool / Yui Mok Pool)

Even though the lawsuit filed by Virginia Giuffre was rejected, his relationship with the businessman Jeffrey Epstein, which is verified and of which there is numerous graphic evidence, has already brought Prince Andrew several negative consequences. For now, he had to renounce their obligations within the Royal House in November 2019, after giving a interview on television to try to clean up his image which had just the opposite result. Since then, his appearances in public have been for strictly family reasons and even official photographs of the wedding of his daughter Beatriz they were thought so that he would not appear in any of them.

If, on the contrary, Judge Kaplan did not admit the motion presented by Prince Andrew to dismiss the lawsuit and the case went ahead, we would be talking about a member of the royal family sitting on the bench, accused of sexual assault, something really scandalous and harmful to the British Crown, with or without the help from Meghan Markle.

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The latest script twist in the Prince Andrew scandal: the role of Meghan Markle