The live brake on Mauro Icardi and the talk with Benjamín Vicuña: what was not seen from Susana Giménez’s interview with Wanda Nara

Wanda Nara and Susana Giménez with Paris in the background
Wanda Nara and Susana Giménez with Paris in the background

A week ago, the wait was seenor preview of the interview of the year. Susana gimenez, Wanda nara and a brief final appearance of Mauro Icardi. The stage, Paris, with the Eiffel Tower in the background and illuminated in all its splendor. The aperitif was seen in a Telefe Noticias special, as prior to a more extensive talk broadcast by Paramount +. In the full story, the businesswoman delved into some issues related to the media scandal and defended family privacy, which faltered a month and a half ago and seems to go through calm moments. In addition, there was room for some pearls, to defuse the drama.

Almost at the beginning, and as if to break the ice, the first hilarious encounter with the diva took place, the result of a complicity relationship that transcends the screen. It was when the businesswoman confronted her with the failed message for Mother’s Day, which was held hours after the scandal exploded: “You greeted me on Mauro’s Instagram”, Reproached the businesswoman. “Oh, but you saw that I’m like that, I’m always wrong. When I realized it it was too late. I called all my people and said, look what happened to me, erase it ”, he justified himself. “The same came to me, which was the important thing,” Wanda loosened.

Education, love and the age difference

Following a compliment from Susana, the talk turned towards the education of the children. “In my house no bad words are said. Sometimes I challenge them and they feel cute, because they are too good. I think the most difficult job we adults have is educating good people ”, said the mother of Valentino, Constantino and Benedict -of your relationship with Maxi López- and of Francesca and Isabella -of her marriage to Mauro Icardi-.

“They are the happiest boys in the world. They love your husband. I saw it in Milan, “said Susana. When I started with Mauro, they were babies, they grew up with Mauro. He was very young, I thought ‘how much can I be with such a young boy?’ “; Wanda wondered and began a hilarious dialogue about the age difference between couples.

Wanda, Mauro and the boys in a Christmas postcard
Wanda, Mauro and the boys in a Christmas postcard

“How many years have you been?”

—Six, he’s 28 and I’m 34

-Please! It is nothing that.

“For a woman, it is.”

“No, I swear not

“Were you with someone younger?”

-Yes always. But by chance. Except for my first husband, Mercedes’s father, who was five years older than me. After they were the same, or much less.

Already more serious, Wanda revealed why Mauro had tattooed the name of Maxi’s children: “Because I know that we are going to be a father, and I don’t want them to feel important,” was the forward’s response. “Those are gestures of love,” concluded the diva.

Wanda, Susana, Francesca and Isabella at the PSG stadium (Instagram)
Wanda, Susana, Francesca and Isabella at the PSG stadium (Instagram)

When Mauro was off side

Susana recounted delighted with her visit to the Park of the Princes, where he had gone with the businesswoman to see the game that PSG beat Nantes 3 to 1. The negative is that they were left with the desire to see Icardi play, since he was on the substitute bench and the coach did not make him enter. But the spectacle in general and the view from the box had amazed her.

“I was struck by some giant balls that were throwing,” Susana pointed out, although neither of them knew what it was. From behind the camera, Mauro’s voice began to explain the meaning. “Come with us”Susana invited him with a smile. “Not yet”, Wanda stopped her, serious. “A little while” was heard from the production. “Why a little while,” protested the driver. It was still missing for the entry of the forward, who explained from the off the reason for the balls: “It was for the thirty years of our fans.”

Zaira, Jakob and the marriage

The meeting between Mauro and China It took place in Paris, when Wanda and her sister Zaira had traveled to Milan for fashion week. TO Jakob von plessen, Zaira’s partner, pointed him out as an accomplice of the meeting and since then they have faced rumors of a crisis. “I see her as divine, with a divine husband and you can see that there is love,” said Susana when speaking of the youngest of the sisters. “Zaira is very old, I tell her that she is missing a marriage, but with all my problems I don’t know if she is going to get married. In the end it is easier to be like this ”, he acknowledged. “Okay, look what the marriage cost me. Very expensive, the papers, the divisions, that is a barbaric mess ”, said Susana.

At this point, Wanda dismissed the rumors that claimed that she was not separating from Mauro for financial reasons ”. Not at all, it is the least important thing to me, I have it resolved again. If we continue together it is for love, and the day that I do not feel more love, and that there is no love on the other side, it is over. Later, the issues will be fixed by Ana Rosenfeld, but I’m not in a relationship for a minute where I don’t feel in love ”.

Jakob, Zaira, Wanda and Mauro in Paris
Jakob, Zaira, Wanda and Mauro in Paris

Mauro’s fever and the dialogue with Vicuña

“In my other life I must have been a detective. I am calm, but I want to know every last detail, “said Wanda in the middle of a dialogue about the affair. “Did you discover something?” Susana asked. “If all. And if I was able to rebuild the relationship, it is because we were able to talk about it. Mauro was very sincere and from the other side they told me the same things that Mauro had told me ”, admitted the businesswoman, and the talk turned into one of the great rumors of the plot.

“I had a fever?“Inquired the diva, about the version that this physical discomfort would have truncated the encounter with China. “I don’t know,” Wanda replied seriously. I’ve known him since he was 17 and he can’t lie to me. I think he went and made a mistake. Anything could have happened, but it didn’t”He added. And why didn’t it happen? ”; Susana asked. “Maybe you regret it, maybe you realize that you are doing a huge shit; Maybe you end up getting into something you didn’t want ”, Wanda interpreted. “Or maybe you don’t like it personally,” risked the diva. “I don’t know, and it will stay there. This helped me to make a reset in my relationship and knowing that the person next to me continues to trust me ”, he closed.

“Is it true that (Benjamin) called you Vicuña?“Susana was surprised when she asked about the former couple from China:” I don’t remember if it was him or I asked my sister for the phone number. I asked him if he knew anything, if he had learned anything. He was very cordial, he spoke to me with great respect ”, admitted Wanda, who clarified that“ all this was before, when he had cut off Mauro’s dialogue and wanted to know what had happened ”.


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The live brake on Mauro Icardi and the talk with Benjamín Vicuña: what was not seen from Susana Giménez’s interview with Wanda Nara