The Miz, the MTV actor who became a WWE wrestler and drives celebrities

The Miz during a WWE function in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia during 2018. (FAYEZ NURELDINE/AFP via Getty Images)

The Miz during a WWE function in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia during 2018. (FAYEZ NURELDINE/AFP via Getty Images)

The Miz He is the favorite showman of the WWE. He knows, better than anyone else, how to toast show. He is one with cameras. He never abandoned his facet of actoreven though it arose from mtv and decided to fight. The character that he plays on the ring carries multiple symbolisms of Hollywood. Today is two time world champion; In addition, he battles alongside celebrities such as bad bunny and logan paul.

Mike Mizaninthe man who gives life to the fighter, gained popularity in the United States for his participation in the program The Real World on 2001. The phenomenon of reality show had erupted during the previous decade. The World WrestlingEntertainment He didn’t want to be left behind, he knew that Music Television it would be the right platform to expand your audience.

Thus they created Tough Enoughwhere they offered a contract with the company for their next superstar. To achieve this, the participants had to show their technical skills on the strings. The ability to connect with the public was another objective to be evaluated. The Miz reached the final of the show 2004lost in a boxing duel. His goal was falling apart.

The slip that seemed definitive became ephemeral. Despite the boos from the stands, the company chose to send it to its development territories. They owned a diamond in the rough that would fit their product, they just had to polish it in detail. Two years later, Mizanin received the vote of confidence to appear on the main broadcasts of the WWE.

He adopted roles that were intended to make him look full on the microphone, as a host and interviewer, but sometimes he failed in the attempt. The range of acceptance of him was minimal: he came from a different background. He wanted to make up for the stormy start for the sake of conquering the fans. Little by little, he went to the ring in order to complement both activities. The Undertaker he was one of the first big names he faced in the business.

At the same time, an incident led him to leave the wrestlers locker room. The Miz placed the chicken he ate on the referee’s backpack Scott Armstrongact that was considered by the gladiator Chris Benoit as a serious lack of respect. His expulsion from the room was not long in coming; he changed out of her for six monthsuntil the same Dead man allowed him to re-enter.

The outlook did not look encouraging. Despite the amount of pressure he was carrying, his alliance with John Morrison It gave him hope along the way. He glimpsed light at the end of the tunnel. They soon established themselves as a pair and reached the couple’s championships. After the dissolution of the team in 2009, he was ready to start the solo route.

He silenced the critics after the gold gleamed on his waist. She took over the intermediate titles and the maximum medals of the WWE. He left behind the mistakes of the past, became one of the top performers of the emporium. Few like him are usually as effective in persuading fans. He was awarded the nickname of “amazing” and he had no qualms about showing it.

Nor did he forget his condition. artistbut rather reinforced it. She combined his performance on canvas with starring appearances on films of the company and different television formats. presenters like george lopez, Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Kimmel They had him as a guest on their shows. He even competed in Dancing with the Stars.

The Miz suffered, but worked to establish itself as an indispensable element in the WWE. Just like she once was with him The Undertaker, serves as a base for celebrities entering the sports-entertainment industry. It served as a support to enhance the figure of bad bunny. You will now seek to replicate the formula with logan paul. No longer battle to seize stardom, the stars chase him.


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The Miz, the MTV actor who became a WWE wrestler and drives celebrities