The moment in which the daughter of “Pata” Medina is arrested and the desperate cries of the mother

After this morning transcended the arrest images of the former general secretary of the Argentine Construction Workers’ Union (Uocra) of La Plata, Juan Pablo “Pata” Medinamet a new video which shows the moment in which the Police handcuffed his daughter, Valentinaalso involved in an altercation with officers after the unrest registered in front of the Italian Hospital of La Plata.

The sequence begins with the young woman already reduced on the pavement and surrounded by several troops They help each other to put on the handcuffs. “Why do they grab her between four? Let one person grab her, poor thing”, complains the person who records the video while a police officer replies: “And how do you reduce it? My poor companion.”

At the same time and in the distance you can hear the desperate cries of the mother, Fabiola Garciawho was assisted by police personnel. “Call a doctor. My baby, my baby! Why God?”exclaims the woman, who by the end of the sequence seems to be having trouble breathing.

The arrest of Pata’s daughter

After recovering, Garcia talked with LN+ about the confusing episode that ended with the arrest of their relatives. “My husband left my house with permission from the federal court and my daughter Valentina (22) accompanied him to the Italian Hospital in La Plata. arriving, At the door there were about 50 cars and people from the drug trafficker Iván Tobar, who claims to be the future general secretary”said the woman when denouncing a “planned” attack against her husband.

As seen in the different videos that emerged earlier, the group threw eggs at Medina and her daughter and rebuked the former trade unionist shouting: “Squirt, garca, thief, son of a bitch. You don’t come back to the Uocra anymore, old man, your mother’s shell”.

“You don’t come back to the Uocra anymore”. The tremendous aggression against “Pata” Medina and his daughter

“The neurologist who was going to treat my husband found him all bruised. They hit my husband and my daughter with blows, stones and eggs and broke their entire car. No one deserves this,” said the woman, who said she was unaware of the reasons why her relatives ended up detained.

According to the Police, the arrest of the trade unionist was due to a confrontation he had with the agents who interviewed him then the incidents at the hospital entrance. In this context and while being assisted, Medina would have punched a sergeant. Then, when he was leaving, he continued the attacks against police personnel, whom he threatened and tried to attack along with his daughter and another companion, which led to his arrest.

However, the version of Medina’s lawyer, César Albarracín, was another. “I was there and I saw him: he insulted a police officer and that is why they arrested him. They handcuffed him in front of me and took him and his daughter into custody. I never saw a situation like this,” he told Radius 10.

After noon, “Pata” and his daughter remained delayed and incommunicado at the 4th Police Station.

Medina's lawyer said that he only insulted a police officer
Medina’s lawyer said that he only insulted a police officerArchive

The Medina family lawyer, Cesar Albarracindenied that his client had physically attacked the police officers and He accused the police of having “illegally” detained him. “I see that the situation of police detention It was an abusive situation, an illegal detention. I do not see that it can interfere in any way with his procedural situation in the federal case,” he stated.

“What interests me the most is that the police officers who illegally deprived him of his liberty and who abused their power and hit Medina’s daughter, who threw her on the floor and fired pepper spray at her, be identified. There must have been four or five involved in this”, Albarracín said.

Regarding the versions that indicate that Medina would have beaten police officers, he said that it will be something that “they will have to prove.” Instead, he detailed, in statements to TN: “What I can certify because I was with Medina at the hospital door 10 minutes before the arrest is that if there was a previous event, it was not the one that led to the arrest. What motivated the arrest was the insult he directed at a policeman. I saw this and, in addition, it was corroborated by one of the police officers of the Province who was in the place “.

In this sense, he indicated that he consulted a Federal Police officer if his client had hit someone, who denied that this was true.

Asked about who could be those who threatened the former leader of the Uocra, Albarracín detailed: “So far it is not known, but it is filmed and they can be quickly identified.”

And he added: “Last week we made important complaints against officials and former public officials of the highest rank. We, in the case where we are plaintiffs, have been asking for protection for Medina and his family because he is asking for very important measures. As a victim of what was the illegal action that was filmed, he also deserves protection.”

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The moment in which the daughter of “Pata” Medina is arrested and the desperate cries of the mother