The most controversial moments of Chumel Torres in social networks

Photo: Instagram / @ChumelTorres
Photo: Instagram / @ChumelTorres

During the last days the name of Chumel Torres has appeared within social networks, mainly in Twitter, due to various statements that the driver of The Pulse of the Republic He has done around various topics.

The youtuber has been singled out for his comments against the actions that the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) has been carried out under his charge. He was also branded classist and racist for relating the appearance of a character in a movie with the supporters of the Chief Executive and the party that brought him to the National Palace. National Regeneration Movement (Brunette). Also, he was heavily criticized by making fun of overweight people and non-binary language.

Also, during the afternoon of last Saturday, December 8, the influencer caused controversy in Twitter because his image was used by a Colombian multinational application of delivery. Given this, Netizens called for the uninstallation of the app in the form of protest.

“(The app) decided to have the recista, classist and misogynist Chumel as an image, from this moment your application is uninstalled“,” Gloria Álvarez, Chumel and León Krauze they can talk about anything for hours without preparing “, “Will racism ever end?“,” Has the idiot of Chumel already come out to ‘celebrate’ that it is a trend because people screw him, hate him and hate him? “, Were just some of the comments that social network users issued against him. youtuber.

One of the most mentioned statements among netizens was the time that youtuber He criticized López Obrador voters using their skin color and clothing as an argument.

This was the image with which Chumel Torres launched himself against AMLO's followers (Photo: Twitter / @ ChumelTorres)
This was the image with which Chumel Torres launched himself against AMLO’s followers (Photo: Twitter / @ ChumelTorres)

“‘How did you know that I voted for Andrés Manuel López Obrador?!?'” Chumel wrote on January 5 on his Twitter account, he accompanied his message with the image of Maribel madrigal, fictional character of Charm, one of the recent films of Disney.

With this phrase, hypothetically pronounced by some or some sympathizer of the president, Chumel implied that it is predictable what a person with brown skin, black hair and folk dress vote for AMLO.

In one of his most recent publications, Chumel Torres shared a video in which members of the collective Gordes Activists from Argentina (CGA) announced the first multinational meeting of activists for the body diversity, a fact that amused him.

In the video she shared, you can see eleven women who explain what the meeting will be about, since this group is against of the pathologization Y discrimination constant of the fat bodies, also its objective is to eradicate the stigmatization and the “gordofobia”.

See you all in the park … at the Krispy Kreme”, He wrote on the morning of December 8.

Chumel Torres made fun of the group Gordes Activistas de Argentina (CGA). (Photo: Twitter / @ChumelTorres)
Chumel Torres made fun of the group Gordes Activistas de Argentina (CGA). (Photo: Twitter / @ChumelTorres)

Regarding the criticisms that Torres has launched towards the president, the one that stood out the most in recent days was the one in which he ironic one of López Obrador’s comments about a statue located in Tabasco.

The president referred to a statue dedicated to the country, and which is located in said entity as follows: “In my state they made a beautiful monument to the homeland. There it is, it is a woman with her very obvious busts well … that is the homeland. So how do you know the monument? like “La chichona”. Because … well, I’ll leave that to you. So I don’t want to like that either. Why the statues? Have you seen statues of Ricardo Flores Magón? Nothing. “

For his part, Chumel Torres, sarcastically, mentioned that Tabasco is “the most feminist president in history” from Mexico.

IN 2017, Chumel Torres assured that Mexicans "we don't deserve freedom of expression" (Photo: Twitter / @ ChumelTorres)
IN 2017, Chumel Torres assured that Mexicans “do not deserve freedom of expression” (Photo: Twitter / @ ChumelTorres)

It is worth mentioning that in one of the influencer’s oldest posts, from 2017, Torres questioned the right to freedom of expression that Mexicans have.

“In the last 4 years there has not been a single protest in Mexico that did not end in vandalism. We don’t deserve freedom of expression”, Chumel asserted during January 2017, the year in which Enrique Peña Nieto (EPN) he served as president of Mexico.


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The most controversial moments of Chumel Torres in social networks