The most difficult moments of the marriage of King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia: unshared friends, family estrangement, scandals and disagreements in public

Today, May 22, is the
18 years since the wedding of Don Felipe Y
Letizia. Years in which they have formed a family, become kings and have had to face
complicated family situations: the Noós case and the many financial scandals of King Juan Carlos and his extramarital affairs. Despite the tensions to which they have been subjected, they form
a united and united marriage and their appearances in public, in which they do not avoid expressions of tenderness between them, prove it.

In these years they have also been finding their place, especially
Letizia, which has
own agenda and faces a multitude of solo acts, not only as consort of Don Felipe. After some difficult years, Doña Letizia does not hide that she is living a
crucial stage as a woman and as a queen and its popularity endorses it.

But, like all couples, this balance depends on some
private agreements. It seems that Don Felipe and Doña Letizia have reached
some important deals. For example, they try to go out alone once a week, to go to the movies or have a drink, and they have decided that they share
half everything related to his daughters. Also, each other’s friends are untouchable.

Don Felipe is calm, Doña Letizia is nervous and reacts vehemently, but
They complement each other perfectly. As with established couples, overcoming their differences makes them stronger. In her day to day, Doña Letizia
does not spare affectionate gestures with Don Felipe and has won the favor of the people in these years as queen. The problem is that
not a single slip is forgiven and, in a totally exposed life like yours, there can be many.

There was a time when Doña Letizia had to
fight hard to make a place. She had to face, from the beginning of her relationship with Don Felipe, suspicions,
bad gestures, class criticism and even contempt. Doña Letizia has made a great effort and has reached a point of
almost perfection in his role. In the past, there were times when it was difficult
hide their anger in publicwhen she felt that her role was not being valued or when she and the king had some differences about whether
the infantas had to go to an act.

His gestures are
scrutinized and analyzed and sometimes misunderstood. One of these moments happened during the opening of the courts in 2016. Doña Letizia was
serious, he barely smiled at the ceremony and, yes, it was very
looking out for her daughterswho also attended.
She was seen distant. She Was she angry she? Or maybe she just tired? On other occasions she has decided to act on her own, such as when she declined the invitation of the
First Lady Brigitte Macronfor the celebration of the centenary of the end of the
First World Warin 2018, because he did not want to be a vase with the rest of the invited ladies.

As in all couples, the differences between the kings often have to do with their
circles of friends: Doña Letizia is still in contact with
her friends from her time as a journalistand Don Felipe and his circle of
intimate friendsboth in Madrid and in Palma, it is said that Doña Letizia is not to her liking, that
does not feel welcome. She did not attend, for example, the wedding in Palma de Mallorca of the
Goddaughter of the king, Martina Jáudenes, with Luis Abascal.

One of the most problematic moments in their marital life, and which was revealed to the press, occurred in the summer of 2013. It was said that they were
on the brink of separation. They arrived separately in Palma de Mallorca. Lady Letizia,
three days later that don Felipe and left
three days beforewithout his daughters. The King participated in the regattas, but nobody knew
where were the queen and her daughters. Doña Letizia is finally seen on August 3 and poses for a photo with Doña Elena and Doña Sofía and the eight grandchildren of the queen emeritus.

It was said that such a “public” disagreement was due, once again, to the
independent attitude of Doña Letizia, who wanted to mark his space outside the royal family. When she leaves three days ahead of schedule, and without her daughters, it is rumored that
he has gone to Switzerland, or to Portugal. the journalist
Almudena Martínez-Fornés, prestigious royal chronicler of ABCpoints out in an article that «doña Letizia
does not meet its obligations and it continues marking its own space outside the family that sometimes collides with its current condition». The then princess seems that
did not accept advice or suggestions. It was then that the term was coined: I wanted to be
a princess of “eight to three”. He feared for the future of the institution.

Don Felipe followed
so in love at that time and everyone could see that
I was having a hard time. La Zarzuela denied that there was a crisis in the marriage and assured that they had
misunderstood some facts, but that the princes continued to share a project of life and family. Over time it has been seen that
Doña Letizia has known how to be Queen and that perhaps it was the latent crisis of the royal family that was a
intense imbalance for the future queen.

People say that,
from don Juan Carlos, he only received indifference and it was evident that he had the infantas against him. For Doña Letizia, it is still essential to maintain a
own private space to cushion the pressure of her position, but those who know her assure that she has always had
clear what his mission was.

There were also other more public episodes, which represented moments of great tension between Don Felipe and Doña Letizia. The most striking was
Easter Mass in Palma Cathedralin 2018, when Doña Letizia prevented, from
ostentatious forma
Doña Sofía photographing herself with her granddaughters at the exit of the temple. The tension also took over
Don Felipe and Don Juan Carlos, who tried to mediate between the two. But evil was done.

Letizia starred in a very tense moment at the mass in Palma.

Doña Letizia, who had impeccably carried out her role as queen, overnight became
target of public and private reproaches for his attitude and that greatly affected his image. Doña Sofía appeared as
the victim of the confrontation. The couple also suffered from the tension of that episode. The queen had to
admit your mistake and make a
public gesture towards the queen emeritus. He opened the door for Doña Sofía, along with her daughters, when they went to visit the king emeritus admitted to the hospital.

And, as in all marriages, he
as families and those who are closest have also intervened and have been
reason for disagreements. It is evident that, since his marriage to Doña Letizia, Don Felipe
has stopped hanging out with his Greek cousins, with whom he grew up and always had a very close relationship. Don Felipe was especially
joined Pablo, husband of Marie-Chantalwith whom he studied at Georgetown.

In 1995, the Prince of Asturias acted as
best man at his wedding in the orthodox cathedral in London. Together, Don Felipe and Doña Letizia went to the
wedding of Prince Nicolas and Tatiana Blatnik, on the island of Spetses in 2010. It was one of the last times that the princes were in a celebration with the Greek cousins. But it was clear that despite
pose with the infantas for photosDoña Letizia, dressed in a spectacular sea blue Varela, of Hellenic inspiration,
she didn’t feel comfortable.

At the wedding of Nicolás de Grecia, it was clear that Letizia was not comfortable.

Years later, in 2014, both Don Felipe and Doña Letizia attended the
memorial service of Queen Sofia’s father, the
king paul, in the palace of Tatoi. And it was again evident that
Doña Letizia was uncomfortable. Others said that she was cold. What happened to the Greeks? Why did the queen not only not hit it off with them, but she seems to have cut off all relationship, just like her husband? It is not easy to know the reason, but there was a
instagram post that made it clear that Doña Letizia was not welcome in the family of Queen Sofía: the one with
Marie Chantal Millerwife of Prince Paul, who, quite frankly,
I make Doña Letizia ugly for her behavior with Queen Sofía in Palmaa few days later: “he has shown his true face” assured the wife of the heir to the Greek crown in a harsh message.

“No grandmother deserves that treatment.” Since then, the Kings have not been seen to share
no family celebration with the Greece. In July 2017, Pablo celebrated his
50th birthday with a big party at his English residence in Gloucestershire.
Don Felipe attended without Doña Letizia. In addition to personal misunderstandings, it is said that the luxurious existence of
Paul and Marie-Chantaldaughter of the billionaire owner of Asian Duty Free,
doesn’t fit at all with Don Felipe’s wife.

The King’s sisters, the infantas Elena and Cristina, have also been
source of conflict since the Noós case began. Even before. When
Queen Sofía gave gestures of affection to Doña LetiziaIn public, the infantas felt hurt. He did with her what he had never done with her daughters: be affectionate. But things had started differently. The
Infanta Cristina and Iñaki They supported from the beginning the relationship of the then Prince of Asturias with the journalist. Urdangarín was in charge of
pick up engagement ring of Mrs. Letizia, in Barcelona, ​​reason for which, Mrs. Letizia
stopped wearing it years ago. Things changed after the wedding.

It seems that, in 2005, in the
baptism of Irene Urdangarinthe former dukes of Palma asked Don Felipe and Doña Letizia if Urdangarin’s parents could stay
spend the night in the Prince’s Pavilion. Doña Letizia, who at that time was in the third trimester of Leonor’s pregnancy,
he refused arguing that he was not feeling well and that put
distance with Christina. Then came the Noos case and the Kings tried
disengage completely of the Urdangarin Bourbon. As a consequence, the relationship with
Dona Elena also got cold and many of the
Common friends that united don Felipe and doña Cristina
they stopped dealing with the king.

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The most difficult moments of the marriage of King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia: unshared friends, family estrangement, scandals and disagreements in public