The most successful actress of ‘The Squid Game’ pays a high price for fame

While Netflix strengthened its position by streaming leadership, the international success of The Squid Game sweetened the curriculum of some of its actors and inflated followers their Instagram accounts. However, dealing with that sudden fame overnight is no easy task. Y Jung Ho-yeon is the clear example of this.

The actress and model conquered the fans of the series as contestant number 67 in the deadly survival game, grabbing so many looks that several fashion firms such as Louis Vuitton and Calvin Klein signed her right away. However, the success of the series, the millions of fans who have turned up under the stones and the sudden exposure have taken their toll.

Jung Ho-yeon in & # 39; The Squid Game & # 39; (Noh Juhan, Netflix)

Jung Ho-yeon in ‘The Squid Game’ (Noh Juhan, Netflix)

The Instagram profile This 27-year-old girl went from adding 400,000 followers before the series’ premiere in September to 23,800,000 at the time of writing this article three months later. And all thanks to that role as a serious-looking thief who hid a drama of family sacrifice as a North Korean refugee in South Korea. The most surprising thing about Jung Ho-yeon is that although she had built a career as a model and participated in video clips, she had no experience as an actress. This makes your work in The Squid Game becomes more relevant as it was his first role, transmitting the loneliness, agony and anguish of a character who does not use words to let us know his emotions. The acceptance was massive, however, adapting to such sudden interest, both professional and social, added to the professional commitments that now fill his schedule, is not being easy for him.

When The Squid Game reached global success, Jung Ho-yeon couldn’t eatr. The mixed emotions at the speed of growth of fame in networks, and from her home in the middle of Covid-19, overwhelmed her in such a way that they made her feel lost. I lost 3 kilos in a week when it became successful. I couldn’t eat, but it wasn’t stress ” revealed to The Hollywood Reporter a couple of weeks ago, adding that he did not know what he felt but it made him question his own existence. “‘What’s going on out there, who am I?’ ”, he wondered. “I was losing myself “.

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Now, that weight loss has increased causing his Instagram followers to fire the alert Asking her to eat, to take care of herself and asking her how she is doing after posting some photos where she looks thinner than ever. Specifically one in which she wears a black dress to attend an artistic gala, showing her slimmer arms and visibly revealing her rib cage.

Given the concern of her fans, she herself answered in an interview with Star news (via AllKpop), explaining that he has lost another 4 kilos more in the ten days that he was promoting the series in the US recently.There was no time to eat. I lost too much weight ” acknowledged. “All the clothes that I used to wear when I arrived (to the country) are now too big for me ”.

According to the website that collects the news, the model used to weigh 49 kilos, then losing several more since the launch of the series. As she herself has revealed in recent weeks, the sudden overnight success, living it from home due to the pandemic and being a streaming series, consumed her until she lost her appetite.

Many actors have spoken over the decades about how difficult it is to deal with fame, especially when it comes suddenly and without warning, leading to questions about the individuality of being in the face of the glorification of the world over its people. In the case of Jung Ho-yeon we must remember that neither Netflix I expected the success of the series. The premiere did not make noise on social networks nor did they give it a large-scale promotion, rather the opposite. It was after word of mouth began to generate massive interest worldwide that the platform took action on the matter, joining the viral conversation on Twitter and with interviews of its actors appearing in different media. Therefore, if the company itself experienced the success as an unexpected surprise, it is impossible to imagine the personal impact it would have had on its performers.

The whole world started looking for them and paying attention to them, as this young model with only one acting job on her resume became the world’s serial sensation. At the moment Jung Ho-yeon She has no confirmed acting projects, but seeing the international projection of her figure right now -and knowing that she cannot return to the second season of The Squid Game due to her character’s fate – it wouldn’t be surprising if Hollywood is trying to tempt her with various ideas. Although right now the most important thing is that you find balance in this sudden change of life.

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The most successful actress of ‘The Squid Game’ pays a high price for fame