The pain of the famous for the death of Gerardo Rozín

Celebrities fired Gerardo Rozín
Celebrities fired Gerardo Rozín

Upon hearing the sad news of the death of Gerardo Rozin on friday night, there were several celebrities who turned to social networks to fire the driver. Even on the screen of Telefe -the channel where he made The Rock of Morfihis latest TV show- they greeted him by placing a black crepe next to the logo.

All my hugs and love to the family of a great guy like Gerardo Rozín. He will be greatly missed. A tireless and very talented laborer of this medium. huge sadness”, he expressed Marcelo Tinelli on his Twitter account.

My respect and affection for the family of Gerardo Rozin! Rest in peace!”, wrote Marley also on Twitter. “My deep condolences to the family of Gerardo Rozin. His departure is very sad. He leaves us a talented and passionate, tireless and great. A big hug especially to your boys”, he published, for his part, Cristina Perez in the same social network.

The meaning of Marcelo Tinelli's tweet to say goodbye to Gerardo Rozín
The meaning of Marcelo Tinelli’s tweet to say goodbye to Gerardo Rozín

Dear Friend: you have given us so much! I only have gratitude and sadness of your early departure. A hug with my condolences to the whole family“, wrote Alexander Lerner about a photo in which he was seen with the driver and also Loneliness and Jesica Cirio during a participation in The Rock of Morfi.

“Gerardo Rozin died, a generous journalist, who knew how to listen, lend a hand, worried about his friends, willing to help. Someone who made me laugh and reflect. He is going to miss it. A hug to his family and to those who loved him, among whom I find myself, ”said the writer Claudia Pineiro through a tweet. “All my love, affection and respect to the family, friends and colleagues of Gerardo Rozin. A guy who loved TV, loved music and gave himself to the task with passion and conviction. RIP,” he said. Connie Ansaldi on his Twitter.

“Gerardo Rozín loved to produce; think programs and make them. He sweated television. He made room for talent. He understood TV as a friendly and entertaining place. I am glad to have met him and to have been, moreover, part of his audience. Rip”, published Rodrigo Lussich. While, Adrian Pallareshis partner on Show Partners, tweeted: “Gerardo RIP! Hugs to his family and friends! A guy. A laborer of this medium!”.

Marley's tweet after the death of Gerardo Rozín (Photo: Twitter)
Marley’s tweet after the death of Gerardo Rozín (Photo: Twitter)

OMG! How sad! And then we worry about silly things! Let’s value life! Without fights, wars and others …..”, wrote Karina Jelinek citing the news given by Infobae. “How sad about Gerardo Rozin. It was an IMMENSE PLEASURE to have been a spectator of your programs. Thank you for bringing us so many smiles and making me and my family spend beautiful moments”, he said. Laura Fernandez.

“A great guy, a great father, a great producer, left. We became friends competing on TV. Always generating things, he wrote to me in the summer throwing out ideas. I will miss you Gerardo Rozin”, he expressed Fabian Doman. Meanwhile, another journalist like Mauro Szeta, said: “We are going to miss you Gerardo Rozin. Thank you for trusting me and Paulo Kablan for one of your beautiful projects, Criminal Stories. Furious billiard player. We love you, always. We hug yours. Sadness”.

“How sad the prompt departure of Gerardo Rozín generates in me. A guy who loved his profession and who with his charisma and talent went beyond the screen and was part of the life of Argentines. I send a huge hug to his family and his loved ones at this very painful moment, ”he published. Horacio Rodriguez Larreta.

Karina Jelinek's tweet, who learned of the news of Gerardo Rozín's death through Infobae (Photo: Twitter)
Karina Jelinek’s tweet, who learned of the news of Gerardo Rozín’s death through Infobae (Photo: Twitter)

“How sad about Gerardo Rozin, a great guy. He treated me super well every time I met him. You could see the sensitivity and love that he had for everything. May he rest in peace, we will miss him,” he wrote. youtuber Julian Serrano.

I’m going to miss you so much uncle Gerardo“, said Ricardo Montaner, along with a photo in which the Argentine-born Venezuelan is seen with the driver. “Thank you Gerard”, he wrote, succinctly, Jay Mammon, adding a red heart. In a similar vein was the message of Jonathan Vialewho just added a heart painted black next to a photo in which Rozín is seen characterized as a journalist from another era.

The photo that Alejandro Lerner shared after hearing the news of the death of Gerardo Rozín (Photo: Twitter)
The photo that Alejandro Lerner shared after hearing the news of the death of Gerardo Rozín (Photo: Twitter)

“May you rest in peace Gerardo Rozin My love for Carmela Barbaro and his whole family,” he said. Angel of Britoreferring to the ex-wife of the driver and mother of his daughter Elena. Rodolfo Barili, for his part, said: “How much pain the departure of Gerardo Rozin generates. My condolences to his children, his family and his ENORMOUS friends who with love and fortitude accompanied his struggle and said goodbye to him from the first and last day in this time of immense pain. Have a good trip, Gerard.

“Dear friend: all those eternal talks and the divine shared times remain here, in the heart. Thank you for giving me your friendship. Goodbye”, he wrote, rueful, Beto Casellawho added a red heart and a photo of the two of them.

Beto Casella's farewell to Gerardo Rozín (Photo: Twitter)
Beto Casella’s farewell to Gerardo Rozín (Photo: Twitter)

“Love and music to you Dear Gerard. Immense hug for his family, “he said. Veronica Lozano on his Twitter. “How sad! I will always be grateful and honored to have known you, dear Gerardo,” he said. Marcelo Polino. “It breaks my heart. I have learned so much by your side. Both in my memory and in my life. Your time here helped us all a little, nothing is the same after meeting you. You were a before and after. We will miss you so much mate! My love to your children and family. RIP Dude,” she wrote sadly. Juliet Prandi.

“RIP Gerardo Rozin my condolences to all his family,” he said Floppy Treasure. “What sad news our faithful listener every Saturday! A proud rosarino and good people. RIP Gerardo ”, published Amalia Granata.

“And now I am embracing Gerardo Rozín and his entire family in my memory with the same love with which he and I always embraced each other. God guide him towards the light of him”, were the words of Abel Pintos before the news. “The heart hurts when the artist of the artists leaves, but it hurts more in the soul when a friend leaves! I will miss you Gerald!! He rests. May the depth of my sadness be transformed into a big hug for his family and his partner Euge, ”he wrote. Luciano Pereira on his Instagram account, along with a photo in which the two are seen in The Rock of Morfi.

Luciano Pereyra's farewell to Gerardo Rozín (Photo: Instagram)
Luciano Pereyra’s farewell to Gerardo Rozín (Photo: Instagram)

“Gerardo, my friend!! How sad!!! Thanks for everything!!! A couple of weeks ago, under the guise of a new project, we were able to talk about life and families. RIP,” he wrote. Paul Kablan also on Instagram. “Just love and peace to your family and friends. May the universe find you in a hug thank you for everything and see you always. RIP GERARDO”, he expressed Lizy Tagliani on a black and white photo next to Rozín.

“I am very sorry for your departure. And I thank you for the few and beautiful moments that I lived with you. Thank you for the respect and love that I know you had for music and musicians. Bye dear brother,” he said. Ruben Rada along with a photo of his passing through The Rock of Morfi.


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The pain of the famous for the death of Gerardo Rozín