The photo of Jacky Bracamontes that arouses suspicions about a possible pregnancy

Jackie Bracamonte She is one of the most beloved and close celebrities with her fans through social networks. The Mexican frequently shares the most important moments of her professional and family life with her more than seven million followers.

But now, the driver stirred up the networks once again, by sharing a photo where many of her fans began to speculate if she could come another baby Bracomentes on the way.

A few days ago, the artist was sharing with a group of friends also from the middle, in Miami, and they took a group photo where Jacky appears, Carlos Adian, driver ‘At Home with Telemundo’, andrea mezaformer miss Universe and her boyfriend. In the image, the Mexican is seen in profile and wearing an elegant beige jumper that slightly marked her abdomen, which is why many suspect a possible pregnancy.

“Jacky you look pregnant”, “Hopefully and now it’s the boy”, “Your smile gives you away”, “Will you be a mother again?”, are some of the messages that are read in the publication. But the driver was not silent and she responded to one of the comments that she doubted if she was pregnant. “What do you think? No never. But thanks for asking or affirming”he wrote between laughs.

In full confinement due to the pandemic, Jacky moved her followers by sharing a couple of photos in which she posed with a maternity blouse and caressing a small lump on her belly. At that moment, everyone was excited about the idea that a new member of his beautiful family would arrive, however it turned out to be just a joke.

He immediately asked his followers to see the following photo. “Do not get scared! Check out the next pic,” she wrote alongside a series of laughing emojis. And it is that in the second image, Jacky left the discovered the secret behind her mysterious belly, making it clear that she was not pregnant and that everything is the product of a prosthesis that she was using as part of her characterization for the telenovela ‘La Suerte de Loli’.

The worst moment in Jacky’s life

Losing a baby has been one of the hardest blows in the life of Jacqueline bracamontes. Her first pregnancy was a boy and a girl. At week 34, she started having contractions, but the baby had already died.

They found out that the baby had died during childbirth, news that affected her to such a degree that they had to put her to sleep in the operating room. When she woke up, it was her husband, Martín Fuentes, who explained what had happened.

This moment marked her life and led her to experience severe depression. However, a year later, the actress expressed that she found a purpose for everything that she suffered. Inside a virtual panel to Telemundo, The presenter also narrated the grieving process she had and how she came to the conclusion that everything happened for a reason.

“I felt that this baby came to save my Jacky’s life because maybe if Jacky had been alone and that had happened to me, Jacky would not have been in this world, so that helped me a lot… Emilia and Paula would not be in my life if that baby had arrived because I hadn’t looked for another baby. So that is also another reason why he left, so that Emilia and Paula were in my life and the truth today my life would not be the same if those two little girls were not here, “he said.

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The photo of Jacky Bracamontes that arouses suspicions about a possible pregnancy