The photograph that could blow up the marriage of Charlene and Alberto de Monaco

Alberto II prince of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock princesse consort de Monaco during the Monaco Grand Prix of the FIA ​​Formula 1 championship, at Monaco on 28th of 2017. (Photo by Xavier Bonilla / NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Charlene may not look favorably on the photo of all Alberto’s children together (Photo by Xavier Bonilla / NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Sometimes coincidences become causalities and it seems that this has just happened with the publication of a historical photograph that can mark a before and after in the marriage relationship between Charlene de Monaco and Prince Albert.

A priori everything seems tender and innocent, an immortalized family picture of the four children of Albert II appears on the internet thanks to Jazmin Grace Grimaldi who uploads it to a carousel of several photographs in a row on his Instagram profile as a summary of his 2021.

Obviously the press has not lost detail and has managed to capture this never-before-seen photograph that reveals a hitherto secret and private meeting between the prince’s four brothers, children of different mothers.

That a person has children with different relationships is something very common, however this case is peculiar for several reasons, the first is because it is a ‘royal’ and the second, although not less important, is because of the enormous reluctance that Alberto II had in his day when it came to recognizing two of his ‘secret’ sons at that time, as his officially.

In the picture, Jazmin Grace appears with Alexandre, who is already a teenager, and the little princes Jacques and Gabriella, fruit of their current relationship with Charlene of Monaco and who have just turned seven years old.

Jazmin Grimaldi hangs a photo with all her siblings, sons of Alberto II (@jazmingrimaldi)

Jazmin Grimaldi hangs a photo with all her siblings, sons of Alberto II (@jazmingrimaldi)

Jazmin, who is Alberto’s first-born daughter, was born as a result of an affair with Tamara Rotolo in 1991. She was a waitress from California who met the monarch on the Côte d’Azur and, after hooking up with him, became pregnant. Alberto did not recognize the calf until 2006, the year in which he officially introduced Charlene as his mate.

A year earlier, in 2005, Alberto was facing a paternity suit and a delicate cover at the Paris Match. The stewardess Nicole Coste managed to get him to recognize the son she was hiding and that they had both had in common in their six years of relationship, Alexandre. In this year and when this was happening, the prince already saw himself with the still sportsman Charlene. Of course, Alexandre could not officially or legally use the surname Grimaldi until 2014, when all the litigation ended.

With this past behind her and a supposed third secret daughter for which a Brazilian woman sued her in December 2020, it would not be surprising if this photo that has now seen the light would be bad for Charlene.

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The tabloid press rumored that Charlene went to South Africa a year ago precisely to escape this new controversy of her husband’s alleged secret daughter, which in the end ended in nothing but her, it completely saturated.

Now, with the marriage at its worst and Charlene’s health in shambles, She is admitted to a mental health clinic and this photo of her children with her husband’s older children will not help her focus much on her recovery.

It is a coincidence (or causality, as we say) that just now that Charlene is completely removed from public life and has no voice at the institutional level, Jazmin hangs this picture never seen before in all the years that Alberto’s children have.

This may indicate that the prince has made room in his agenda to meet with his offspring to meet each other or perhaps these private meetings have been happening over time and only now there is a graphic proof of public domain about it.

The truth is that just two months ago it was published that Alexandre’s mother, Nicole, said that Charlene had moved her son to a room in the employees’ wing of the house before her Royal wedding with Alberto. The prince has denied this information but the doubt always remains in the air and reflects that there is no family atmosphere and harmony between them.

The children are not at fault for being legitimate or ‘illegitimate’ children at first, obviously all the responsibility lies with their fatherHowever, taking a photograph of the four of them and having it posted on the Internet by one of them can make the current couple of the ‘royal’ angry that we do not even know if they have given consent for their young children to attend said family reunion without her.

The only clear thing in this story is that the principality of Monaco has gone through its worst year in 2021 and 2022 does not begin without controversy but quite the opposite and that is that, on occasions like this, a picture is worth a thousand words and that is also applicable to Charlene who, confined in the clinic, can see this as the last straw for her marriage.

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The photograph that could blow up the marriage of Charlene and Alberto de Monaco