The points of the “mega agreement” between Paulo Londra and the mother of his daughters: what they fixed besides food

Rocio Moreno and Paulo Londra
Rocio Moreno and Paulo Londra

Less than a year after the confusing separation of Paul London, after he left the house he shared with his ex-partner Rocio Moreno who was in her second pregnancy (Francesca was born in February), and Isabella, the daughter they have in common who turns two in July, the protagonists reached an agreement. In this way The request for financial compensation that she made before the Justice is now cancelled.

However, the papers they signed on Monday cover much more than the “compensation” that she asked for having put aside her career and studies to accompany him in music and for which they were going to have an audience this week. It is about her, just as those close to her had anticipated that it was her intention, of a “mega agreement” that guarantees her and her daughters everything they need to live, according to the earnings of the Cordovan musician, whose new topic “BZRP Music Session #23″ It is in the Spotify ranking of the most listened to in the world.

On Monday at noon the protagonists met again and met with their lawyers, she was accompanied by Ana Rosenfeld and Luciana Ulla, her legal representative in Córdoba, and they signed a comprehensive agreement that on Tuesday, within the framework of the hearing that was to take place in the Justice for economic compensation, was ratified virtually.

Paulo Londra and Rocío Moreno at Isabella's number one birthday
Paulo Londra and Rocío Moreno at Isabella’s number one birthday

Next, as far as you know teleshow, Some of the highlights of the agreement:

-Economic compensation, since she was studying Veterinary Sciences in the outskirts of Córdoba Capital when he proposed to return to move in together. She accompanied him in his musical project and a year later they had his first daughter.

-Food quota and “everything the girls need”.

-Social work, until now, Rocío paid the prepaid fee with the money that he was giving her each month. According to people close to him, it was his father who transferred ten or twenty thousand pesos to a bank account, usually when it was already negative.

-House, Rocío and her daughters will live in a new home, not in the property that is next to her former in-laws and that Londra had bought when they began to live together. The young woman has already chosen the place, which is near her mother’s, where she lives now to have help with her babies. She will be moving out soon.

-Communication Regime, although Londra always had the doors open to see his daughters whenever he wanted. They hope that, from now on, he will reconnect with them. He would have seen Francesca only four times in her two and a half months of life: the fourth was at the aforementioned meeting since Rocío breastfeeds and took her to have her close.

He did not remember, as close friends had said that the young mother would have asked, that they put a person to help her with the house and the girls. If you consider it necessary, it must be at her own expense. Monday’s meeting was held on good terms and people around Moreno assured that now she is much more “calm” and already wanting to establish themselves as a family with their babies.

They had already seen each other on April 26 in the Family Courts of Córdoba and although they treated each other respectfully, they had been “distant”, witnesses told this site. At that time Luciana UilaMoreno’s attorney, family specialist (MN 1-32572) told teleshow that although they had not reached an agreement, they had noted good goodwill on the part of the musician.

Rocio and Paul They began their relationship in 2015 when they were finishing high school. At that time he dreamed of being a singer and he was already going to the battles in the squares until in 2017 he began to become famous and perform his first shows. The following year he found them very good professionally, but far from each other. She began to study veterinary in a city on the outskirts of Córdoba Capital where she settled for what they saw very little time: From Monday to Friday Rocío studied and on weekends he worked.

Determined to want to be with that young woman who dazzled him at recess, In 2019 he bought a house (a large piece of land with two properties, one for him and one for his parents) and proposed, despite their young age, to move in together. In love and convinced of wanting to accompany him in his career as a singer, she had to choose, and she bet on love: He dropped out of college and began living together.

Their love was crowned a year later with the arrival of Isabella in July and the following year she became pregnant with Francesca. At that moment he began to go out and absent himself from the house, until they parted without having even had a formal talk. In January she gave an extensive interview to Teleshow and said that she could not explain what happened to the musician: I don’t think it’s a scare, he has to see the influences, the environment and him who doesn’t have the maturity to know where he is and what he should do”. What he did know was that there was no longer “us”. “I do not choose to live like this, neither for myself, nor for my daughters. Today I have feelings of anger and anguish… I am an explosion of feelings. We are united by a relationship for life, but as parents”closed at that time.


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The points of the “mega agreement” between Paulo Londra and the mother of his daughters: what they fixed besides food