The pride of Estefania de Monaco before the triumph of her daughter

Pauline Ducruet He has had the best of support in his last parade. The firm of the daughter of Estefanía de Mónaco has presented her new proposals within the framework of the Fashion Week in Paris. An appointment that, as expected, her mother, Princess Stephanie of Monaco, has not missed.

From the front row of the catwalk, the sister of the prince albert He has followed the parade carefully, without missing a single detail of his daughter’s new collection. Pauline has been focused on this facet as a designer for some time now through the firm Alter Designs.

Stephanie of Monaco
Stephanie of Monaco with her daughter. / Gtres

This brand came onto the market in 2018 and, since then, has presented numerous proposals. On some occasion she has had the support of a large part of his family, such as her sister Camille Gottlieb or Charlotte Casiraghi. However, this time only Princess Estefania has been seen.

The youngest daughter of Grace Kelly and Rainier has become the biggest admirer of Pauline DucruetIn fact, it is not uncommon to see her wearing the proposals of the young designer, as has happened this time, in which she has opted for a flattering red biker-style jacket, as well as a mask from the firm, with the embroidered logo on one side.

Stephanie of Monaco
Pauline Ducruet with her mother and cousin. / Gtres

Although her dedication to the world of fashion is quite recent, Pauline has declared on occasion that it is something she has always wanted to do. She so she revealed it in 2020 in an interview with Tattler: “I have always loved fashion, ever since I was a little girl. I think I’ve always had this sensibility for art, creativity and self-expression”, declared the niece of Albert of Monaco.

Alter Designs It is much more than a fashion brand to use. Pauline’s idea is to combine elegance with a more artistic touch, something that, according to her, has a lot to do with the influence that her mother has had on her life: “She always played a very important role in the way that I see fashion, because I grew up watching her dress for galas and admiring photos of her in the eighties”, she assured.

Estefania de Monaco in the front row. / Gtres

Alter’s idea is to promote freedom in the fashion industry environment, with genderless collections, suitable for anyone. “Design for people, not for genders”, declared Ducruet in 2020. An ode to diversity and equality that is present in each of its patterns.

In this latest collection, all the basic elements of the firm are still very clearly appreciated, with straight and minimalist lines, but more sophisticated touches, thanks to the fabrics. In addition to presenting the collection, the parade featured the stellar performance of two French artists, Le Sid and Murman Tsuladze, who were in charge of entertaining the evening.

an intense moment

Recent times have been very intense for Princess Estefania who, like Carolina of Monaco, has become one of Prince Albert’s main supporters before the Charlene’s absence For his illness.

Although Estefanía is dedicated to her charitable causes and in his family, he still has a small thorn in his side. And it is that, unlike her sister Carolina, she has not yet been a grandmother. A reality that, at the moment, becomes complicated, since it seems that none of her children is for the task of increasing the family.

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The pride of Estefania de Monaco before the triumph of her daughter