“The Queen of Flow”: who is Víctor Pérez, the Spanish influencer who appeared in season 2

, starring Carolina Ramírez and Carlos Torres, is one of the most successful series in recent years. Throughout its two seasons, various guests paraded as urban music singers and celebrities of the moment, such as the Spanish influencer Víctor Pérez.

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And it is that the story of Yeimy and Charly Flow captivated the public with a plot full of romances, revenge, problems and a lot of music. The musical shows, competitions and special presentations of famous singers made the Colombian series more exciting.

The second season showed exciting episodes that closed the stories of Yeimy Montoya, Charly Cruz and Juancho, in addition, the public was able to enjoy the appearance of special guests that gave more emotion to the “Queen of Flow”. In the final chapter we saw the Spanish influencer Víctor Pérez and here we tell you everything about him.

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Víctor Pérez is a celebrity on social media, he has 9.2M on TikTok and 2.2M on Instagram (Photo: Víctor Pérez/Instagram)
Víctor Pérez is a celebrity on social media, he has 9.2M on TikTok and 2.2M on Instagram (Photo: Víctor Pérez/Instagram)


The Spanish influencer Víctor Pérez appeared in the last chapter of season 2 “La Reina del Flow” as a special guest. His participation moved his thousands of fans who are aware of him and follow him through his social networks.

Víctor Pérez is a celebrity on social networks, he has 9.2M on TikTok and 2.2M on Instagram. But he is not only focused on positioning himself on these platforms, the young man is focusing his efforts on other scenes such as music and acting.

His manager, David Navarro, told the portal “Los 40” that Víctor Pérez has taken singing lessons with a tenor and has worked for renowned producers. In this way, the young Spaniard wants to test his talent in fields other than social networks.

“He has done his singing classes with a tenor, it is not that he has said I am going to sing, the line of freakism is very thin in influencers, and I saw that he likes it, that he lives it. He has worked with the producer of Il Divo, with Puerto Rican producers, it has been a very serious thing, ”said his manager.

In addition, David Navarro made it clear that Víctor Pérez is not just an influencer, but that he is showing that he has talent in disciplines such as music and acting. That is why the young man is working hard to do well.

“The last song he released became a trend in 33 countries in two days, not because of his numbers on networks but because he liked the song. Little by little, he is achieving that point of balance until The Queen of Flow is already interested in him for the third season, ”she said.

For his part, Víctor Pérez said that he has begun to produce. “He has not retouched my voice because that is more complicated. But if I get involved, in a year I already know how to do it because in two days I already know how to record myself, ”he told the portal“ Los 40 ″

“I used to see the producers and say ‘how difficult’, but I spent a whole day watching tutorials and I know how to record and tweak the autotune a bit so that I have the perfect voice. I think that’s the hardest thing,” she added.

Regarding his participation in season 2 “La Reina del Flow”, Víctor Pérez stated that he enjoyed that experience a lot and that he made great friends while filming with the team of the Colombian series that is all the rage on Netflix.

“When David told me that we were going there to record, I was blown away because it is my favorite series. We stayed two days, nothing more to record and return. Rauw Alejandro was there and the people there were very nice and I took many friends from there, “she said.

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“The Queen of Flow”: who is Víctor Pérez, the Spanish influencer who appeared in season 2