The radical change of look of Barbie Vélez: “Take out the scissors”

barbie velez
barbie velez

“No, well, I’m in one, please take the scissors out of me”, he asked barbie velez to his more than three million followers on social networks, along with a video in which he shows his before and after, after having gone through the hairdresser.

Thus, the daughter of Nazarena, who in February had cut her long hair below her shoulders, now went for more and got a bob cut, above her shoulders this time. The actress immediately received thousands of “likes” and hundreds of comments, including those of several celebrities. “The same thing happened to me and now I want to let it grow again, “wrote Sofía Jujuy Jiménez, Paula Morales put “I love it” and the mother of the protagonist added emojis of flames.

In February, after replacing Denis Dumas for a few days on Masterchef Celebrity, the actress had already cut her hair. First a friend had cut her off and then she went for more of her and she said on Instagram. “The point is that, well worthy of me, I got addicted and not satisfied that it is already quite short, I had to go for more”, dHe kept warning his followers that another cut would be coming and added later: “Well, well, the change has come. What do you think? I read them.”

The change of look of Barbie Vélez

Last September, the actress married Lucas Rodríguez after a long courtship. She met her husband through her mother, since he is the eldest son of Fabian, who was Nazarena’s husband and who took her own life in March 2014.

The love story began after the death of Fabián: Barbie and Camila (Rodríguez’s other daughter) became closer and began to share outings to which, little by little, Lucas joined. It took them quite a while once they started dating, tell everyone that they were in a relationship, especially because they wanted to take care of the brother they have in common, Thiago.

“It was out of prudence. I didn’t tell anyone, not even my friends, more than anything for Thiago. Obviously it was a sensitive issue and I couldn’t give him false hope because he’s small. Nor was it good to say it if we didn’t see a future for him. But when we began to see a future for it, we were ready to whitewash it. It was after a few months that we met and said ‘it’s worth it’”, said the actress. What was her brother’s reaction? “What happiness that they are together”celebrated the son of Nazarena Vélez and Fabián Rodríguez.

On family vacations last year, he decided in front of all his loved ones to propose to Barbie to take the big step in their relationship and he proposed to her in Punta Cana. “It was all so beautiful that I have no words to explain it. They were all so incredible that I only have words of thanks”she wrote after getting married, to thank the support received.

Then the couple went on their honeymoon to Mexico and shared several postcards of their days at the beach and relaxation. The trip was a month after she said yes to her, since before she could leave she had to fulfill some work commitments that had been planned beforehand in Uruguay.

“I’m very happy! Happy! We are enjoying a thousand percent, whether it rains or hails. We want to tour everything, we are in tourist mode, bad. We don’t want to be stuck”she recounted during her trip.



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The radical change of look of Barbie Vélez: “Take out the scissors”