The real reason Miguel Varoni lost so much weight

After some images of the Colombian actor Miguel Varoni were leaked, where he looks very thin, the artist’s followers were shocked by his physical change and became so worried that they began to rumor that he had a severe illness, in fact, they left him several comments on social networks where they asked him “What happened, mompirri?” , “Are you okay, friend?”, “Someone explain what is happening”, wrote his followers on social networks.

“He looks extremely thin, what did he do?” “Could it be that his weight loss has to do with some new role or production?”; “Why is he so thin, I don’t understand”; “It looked better before, when it was more robust ”; “Miguel you are too thin and you look a little old”; “If you are a public figure and you expose your things in networks, then answer dear friend. We worry … you look bad. God bless you, ” are some of the comments made by the actor’s followers on networks.

But this has not been the only thing that has made his followers doubt his state of health because, even in 2021 his movements on social networks have been decreasing in a suspicious way compared to previous years. For now Varoni has not spoken before the unknowns of his followers or his wife Catherine Siachoque.

However, according to the program I know everything, the actor is in perfect health, only that, at this moment, he is applying a new eating plan that has generated changes in his physique. The reason he’s lost a lot is because he’s been on a strict vegan diet for a few months now. The same that his wife, Catherine Siachoque, has applied for several years.

Statement by Miguel Varoni on Alec Baldwin’s accident

Let us remember that today’s director spoke out about what happened in Hollywood and explained that when there is a scene with a firearm, the team in charge advises all the personnel that this element is on the set, “he opens it, shows it, shows the salvoes that do not have a projectile, fits them, loads them and obviously asks for a distance between the shot and the person who is supposed to be shot”.

In addition, he assured that the actor does not shoot his partner, he does it to the side, then, with the angles of the cameras, the effect is created so that it appears that the target was hit.

“I really feel a deep pain for all the people who are living this there, with deep respect and pain, I repeat, because it is a horrible accident,” said Varoni quite moved by what happened in the rehearsals for ‘Rust’.

“I can’t understand why a real bullet is in a set. I have never seen a real bullet, still today, on a set “added the producer and director when the journalist asked him what could have happened and why the firearm was loaded.

On the future of actor Alec Baldwin, he assured that he is a great professional but said that he feels very bad for him because, regardless of what the investigations show, what happened is “appalling”.

“Poor guy, I think his life is over, he killed a person, he’s a disaster,” said Varoni.

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The real reason Miguel Varoni lost so much weight