The real reason Prince Harry and Meghan Markle don’t have social media

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle social media

The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, revealed why he and his wife Meghan Markle no longer have social media accounts. He did it within the framework of the RE: Wired summit organized by Wired magazine. There, he was summoned to speak about disinformation and the Internet.

Queen Elizabeth’s grandson He said that currently “the scale of misinformation is terrifying” and warned that the problem is destroying families.

When asked if users should delete their social media accounts, Prince Harry only pointed to the fact that he and Meghan Markle are not on either platform. And they will not return until the changes that he deems necessary are made.

The dukes announced in March 2020 that they would not use their Instagram @SussexRoyal as they had stepped aside from royalty and abandoned their obligations to the crown. However, even if they have not used it again, the account was not deleted and remains in effect.

The reason Prince Harry and Meghan Markle don’t have social media

Harry added during the panel that it is “just not true” that the challenge of disinformation “is too great to solve. It is too big to solve ”. He also said he had warned Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey that his platform was allowing a coup against the United States to take place the day before the Jan. 6 riots on Capitol Hill.

The prince said: “Jack and I would email each other before January 6th. When I warned him that his platform was allowing a coup to take place. That email was sent the day before. And then it happened and I haven’t heard from him since. “

At that time, a group of Donald Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building in Washington DC, claiming that the presidential election had been rigged. Currently, the role that social media giants played in enabling the attack is still being investigated.


Meanwhile, the Duchess of Sussex decided to speak out on a claim that interests her personally. After being questioned for using her royal title to have political influence, after sending a letter to the US Congress, Meghan reappeared in public. And she took the opportunity to defend her position on paid maternity leave.

Speaking at the New York Times DealBook summit last Tuesday, he said: “Frankly, I don’t see this as a political problem. There is certainly a precedent among my husband’s family for not having any involvement in politics. But I think paid leave is, from my point of view, just a humanitarian issue. “

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The real reason Prince Harry and Meghan Markle don’t have social media