The real reasons Princess Diana got divorced almost 30 years ago revealed

For more than 20 years the reasons why Diana of Wales and the Prince carlos, they separated, after two children and 15 years of marriage, in which the biographer of the late village princess, Andrew Morton reveals by way of x-ray the reasons why the royals did not live the fairy tale that was expected.

40 years ago the world put aside its daily activities regardless of the time zone, to see televised the wedding of the century between Prince Charles and Lady Diana, the July 29, 1981 at Saint Paul’s Cathedral. From the wedding link of Princess Margaret (Queen’s sister Isabel II) with the Earl of Snowdon on May 6, 1960, a wedding had not been televised in 19 years in the British monarchy; It was then that the very thought of seeing England’s future King, 32-year-old Prince Charles march down the aisle with the beautiful 19-year-old Diana Spencer, seemed like a visual feast.

However, the day that should have been the happiest for the spouses was obscured by doubt and infidelity, since among the attendees was Camila Parker Bowles, former partner of Carlos and eternal love of the prince, looking at the man who he adored taking another for a wife. The eldest son of Queen Elizabeth knew the predicament in which he was, so at the end of the wedding he did not seal the union with the typical kiss, until they were transferred by carriage to Buckingham Palace, when His Highness’s personal assistant The royal reminded him and he kissed the princess time on the balcony, inaugurating a custom that generations later both in the family Windsor as in other European dynasties it continues to be carried out.

At the time of their wedding, Prince Charles was 32 years old, while Diana was only 20; this had been requested at 19. So with more than a decade separating the couple, it is easy to see how they may have been incompatible from the beginning.

Relationships as a couple rarely work when one of the parties is thinking of someone else. This is the case of Prince Charles who had dated Camila Shand since the 70s, but she was engaged to Brigadier Andrew Parker Bowles, for which he could not formalize his relationship with her, however Carlos and Camila continued to meet extramaritally. The love and desire they had was such that since they met in 1971 until today they have not stopped being together.

Lady Di expressed on more than one occasion that both Carlos and the rest of the royal family did not offer any kind of support in regards to the attention of the aggressive and intrusive press, since there were often more than 30 photographers waiting outside. her private house daily to portray her revealed the royal all Times. “They just said, ‘You’re on your own.”

During her relationship with Prince Charles, Princess Diana underwent a surprising transformation, becoming one of the most popular and beloved royals in history. The “dianamania” took over the nation and even the world. As Ingrid Seward, editor of Majesty Magazine, explained to the Time medium, that her fame was astronomical. “No one in the Royal Family had ever experienced it before,” he proclaimed. Eventually, Diana was christened the “People’s Princess.”

Eventually, things got so tense and unpleasant between Diana and Carlos, that it was no wonder they both will seek love and affection elsewhere. Four years after their union, Diana fell in love with her bodyguard, Barry Mannakee, as stated by the English newspaper The Guardian. as well as it is presumed that she also had an affair with Officer James Hewitt, who was reportedly sneaked into Kensington Palace in the trunk of the princess’s car according to The Sun. However, Carlos never completely gave up his love affair with Camilla Parker Bowles from 1986 until he publicly admitted his romantic situation in 1994.

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The real reasons Princess Diana got divorced almost 30 years ago revealed